E-Commerce Software Suite

An E-Commerce software suite with a finesse for details that you would expect
from Japanese designers.


  • An E-Commerce system that connects analytics with promotions for fast and effective marketing.

  • An E-Commerce System with spirit of “OMOTENASHI” from Japan, a country of service, that satisfies the needs of clients from every industry.

  • No additional cost for any additional functional requirement or parameter change.


  • COMPANY E-Commerce is the foundation for your e-commerce business. It is a consolidated database for information such as product information, customer information, order information, etc, making it extremely easy to efficiently run your business.

  • COMPANY CMS is the ultimate content management tool for your e-commerce website. Its flexibility enables you to effectively manage various promotional campaigns based on customer groups, seasons, etc., so that your business can always stay up to date for your clients needs.

  • COMPANY E-Support supports the overall call center activities. It is directly integrated with COMPANY E-Commerce, therefore making sure that crucial information such as purchase history, past inquiries, product preference, etc. are ready for your call center staff members immediately.

  • COMPANY E-Marketing connects analytics with e-commerce. It analyzes the data consolidated in COMPANY E-Commerce to see the prime time and the best promotional strategy for your target customers. To make your job easier and faster, we made sure that it is fully consolidated with other e-commerce systems; E-Commerce, CMS, E-Support, and in-store POS systems to effectively execute the strategies.

Company e-commerce system is the only all-in-one
solution for your e-commerce business, running
PDCA cycle from purchasing to promotions to grow
your business fast and effectively.


  • CMS

    Company CMS, specialized for E-Commerce websites, caters the device specific content quickly to meet the demands of internet users.

  • E - Support

    Offering a high speed support and service by controlling inquiry information centrally and dealing with customers precisely

  • E - Marketing

    Company E-Marketing provides easy management of business marketing and promotion in e-commerce domain

  • Connected with all COMPANY E-Commerce systems and construct a consolidated database. Manage order information and execute shipping operation.

  • Analyze the data consolidated in COMPANY E-Commerce to yield out the prime time and the best promotional strategy for your target customers.


With spirit of “omotenashi” from japan, a country of
service, we have generated tangible sales results for
our clients in almost every industry.
No matter your industry or growth stage, we have the knowhow to bring your business to the next level.

Every company has a different way of doing business.
Systematizing a business is difficult.
Existing software systems have not been able to capture this complexity in a unified fashion.

To solve this problem, we created company.
We engineered company specifically so that it can incorporate every functional need of our clients from all industries.
This engineering method makes company extremely adaptive to the needs of our clients’ businesses.
No other software has achieved this level of flexbility.

Our System
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We made sure that our cost model
is just as flexible as our software. There is no extra charge for function additions or changes.
Our clients no longer have to worry about the
additional costs traditionally associated with erp software.

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About Us

Works Applications (WAP) is the No.1 ERP software vendor in Japan, headquartered in Tokyo, with global offices in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, and Shanghai.
With more than 1000 large corporations as clients in just 18 years, WAP is regarded as one of the fastest growing company in Japan, acknowledged by world top leaders such as Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple Computer, and Jack Welch, former CEO of GE.