COMPANY on Cloud Managed Service (CCMS) is the ultimate enterprise cloud created to achieve cloud operation of ERP quickly, simply, safely, and at optimum cost.

It offers comprehensive service that includes operation and maintenance of the cloud computing system infrastructure layer as well as maintenance of applications and middleware. WAP can handle various public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer. 


CCMS enables starting operation of applications to be performed more quickly.
There's absolutely no need for hardware procurement, installation, setup, etc. 


For starting cloud operation, there is no need to hire personnel or perform special training. With CCMS, the burden of server management or failure response by your company is eliminated, enabling you to focus on your work.


CCMS is constructed with a maintenance system that responds quickly to all processes using the cloud operation tool WC3 (COMPANY CLOUD CONSOLE) and its technicians. WC3 incorporates an algorithm that can immediately respond to any conceivable failure. In this way, since everything from failure detection to recovery is handled automatically by a program, problems can be solved quickly and an environment with higher safety than data centers is achieved.


At optimum cost
With CCMS, billing is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for the resources you use, so you can reduce wasted infrastructure and usage fees.

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