“AI WORKS” cloud-based ERP system Goes Live at Shimohana Logistics

Building the human resources foundation that supports corporate growth to achieve No.1 in food logistics

[Translation of press release in Japanese]

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced the go-live of “AI WORKS” HR Suite, a new human resources foundation system that supports corporate growth at Shimohana Logistics (Headquarters: Aki-gun, Hiroshima; President and CEO: Minoru Shimohana; hereinafter " Shimohana Logistics ") in February 2019.

【See also the press release by Shimohana Logistics

  • Renovated the system to accommodate the increasing number of employees associated with its state-of-the-art logistics centers to be opened nationwide (nine locations)
  • Re-established the operational process to determine the requirements at an early stage using the implementation technology unique to WAP
  • Built the human resources foundation that would support corporate growth, promoting optimized assignment of human resources

“Human Resources” the best and the most valuable asset drives highly demanding missions of food logistics, including the maintenance and control of freshness

シモハナ物流様logo.png Shimohana Logistics is a company specializing in food logistics that aims for No. 1 profit rate in the food logistics industry by providing the logistics optimized for a wide range of business categories including manufacturers, trading companies, food-service companies, and retail companies. It is now setting up logistics centers equipped with state-of-the-art logistics systems to deliver low-cost, high-quality distribution network. In addition, the nature of this industry requires more prompt and precise procedures compared to other logistics industries in general, such as guaranteeing safety, keeping and controlling freshness and managing best-before dates, and establishing a frequent, low-volume delivery scheme. To that end, the company is focused on the development of employees who are capable of “thinking” to understand the customer’s unique challenges to make proposals. Based on the idea that only humans can “think,” Shimohana Logistics has selected “AI WORKS,” which empowers the company to build the human resources foundation that supports corporate growth.


 Implemented “AI WORKS” with a technique unique to WAP Rebuilding the operational process for improved efficiency of administrative work

hue.pngFor this renovation of the HR management system, Shimohana Logistics has selected the system with BPR in mind including digitalization of various HR application procedures that have been paper-based in the existing system. Since the company has selected the system assuming future changes in operations, it has been very difficult to list and confirm requirements beforehand and to estimate quantitative benefits of implementing the system. But, fortunately,“AI WORKS” integrates all operational features expected for major companies who have adopted WAP products as standard features. Therefore, by promoting a project developed by the unique business model that employs the standard operational process based on success stories and operational expertise of other companies accumulated in “AI WORKS,” Shimohana Logistics has successfully built new operational process efficiently in parallel with the implementation tasks.


Building the human resources foundation that keeps up with the corporate growth to become a maximally competitive organization

Shimohana Logistics has developed a mid-to-long-term business plan to increase the number of employees from 5,639 (as of April 2018) to 10,000 for a goal of doubling the amount of sales by 2025. “AI WORKS” is the key to achieve this mid-to-long-term business plan with the following estimated effects.

  1. The management will have access to the centrally managed human resources information through “AI WORKS” for a strengthened organization associated with the company expansion. Providing the information required for any given time promptly in a readable format assists flexible organizational management according to the management policy.

  2. By implementing the “AI WORKS” cloud-based ERP system with accumulated operational know-how of more than 1,300 major corporate groups, the company can review the operational process to promote improved efficiency of administrative work. At the same time, physical reports will be abolished due to digitalization, achieving paperless operations.

  3. With “AI WORKS,” the user can easily manage changes in in-house systems and regulations associated with corporate growth and law amendments in the settings window. Therefore, employees of Shimohana Logistics can use the system themselves for prompt and precise procedures without outsourcing the system management tasks.

Shimohana Logistics will continue to promote the use of “AI WORKS” in order to establish the workplace for diverse human resources and to improve efficiency and quality of back-office operations. WAP is committed to help Shimohana Logistics with its corporate growth by making the best use of system infrastructure.


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