Works Applications Provides an HR and Payroll Application for Municipalities as an LGWAN-ASP Service to Accommodate the “Fiscal Year Employee Appointment Program,” a Work Style Reform Effort for Local Government Employees

Minimizing the system renovation cost and the workload at municipalities associated with law amendment

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced "COMPANY on LGWAN," an HR and payroll application for municipalities accommodating the "Fiscal year employee appointment program" to be effective on April, 2020 as an LGWAN-ASP Service[i].


 Features of "COMPANY on LGWAN"

1. Flat-rate service to always provide the latest application optimized for relevant law amendments

Ensuring fair recruiting practices and working conditions, an objective of the “Fiscal year employee appointment program,” is expected to promote continued revisions of relevant laws even after its implementation. As "COMPANY on LGWAN" continues to accommodate revisions of Fiscal year employee appointment program with “free upgrades,” users can always take advantage of the latest version of the application without worrying about the system renovation cost.

2. No need for system construction. Out-of-the-box functionality to significantly reduce time and effort

Providing a verified, pre-configured application as an LGWAN-ASP service through the partnership with NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION ensures significantly reduced man-hours of system implementation.

Regardless of the size of the local government, including small municipalities with a few dozens of applicable employees, the out-of-the-box functionality facilitates digital transformation of operations.


The implementation of the Fiscal year employee appointment program to result in the increasing workload at HR and General Affairs departments

Driven by the equal pay for equal work campaign promoted by the Japanese Government’s Action Plan for the Realization of Work Style Reform, municipalities are no exception to be faced with the pressure to eliminate the gap in wages between regular and non-regular employees. This has led to the revision of the local public officials law[ii], and the "Fiscal year employee appointment program" is now scheduled to take effect in April, 2020. In this amendment, the status of 640,000[iii]temporary workers and part-time administrative grade employees nationwide, with various recruiting backgrounds and working conditions depending on the government bodies, will be consolidated as "Fiscal year appointed employees." In addition, it aims to promote improved treatment of temporary and part-time employees by reviewing their compensation structures and working conditions in consideration of those of full-time employees.

Consequently, administrative operations at human resources departments of municipalities are expected to increase and become more complicated, including daily attendance management of temporary and part-time employees, their monthly payroll processing, and even the payment of their year-end bonuses. In departments where paper ledgers and spreadsheet applications are used for manual processing, drastic reform of operations and utilization of ICT are inevitably encouraged.

WAP takes advantage of its experiences in supporting various business requirements absorbed through transactions with more than 1,300 major corporate groups including both private businesses and public organizations, as well as its expertise in improved business efficiency. Building on such assets, WAP offers "COMPANY on LGWAN," an HR and payroll application for municipalities that continues to support the fiscal year employee appointment program on a flat rate basis.

Added features and changes of settings associated with law amendments including the fiscal year employee appointment program will be continuously supported by upgrades of "COMPANY on LGWAN" delivered for a flat rate maintenance fee. No additional cost will be charged for system renovation and maintenance, allowing for reduction and visualization of the IT cost.


[i]"LGWAN" refers to the closed network dedicated to administrative organizations to be used by municipalities. The name stands for "Local Government Wide Area Network." "LGWAN-ASP Service" is a general term for application services provided through this LGWAN.[ii]

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