Seirei Social Welfare Community selects “AI WORKS” as its Next Core Accounting and Finance System

From financial/managerial accounting, expense, debt/credit management, fixed asset management, to funds management. Shifting to “the operations that make the best use of numerical data for management” by visualizing the management information

AI WORKS Case Study[Translation of press release in Japanese]
Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced Seirei Social Welfare Community (Head Office: Hamamastu-shi, Shizuoka; President: Toshihiro Yamamoto; hereinafter “Seirei”), the customer of “COMPANY” Human Resource Series since 2013, had purchased “AI WORKS” Financial Management Suite as its next core accounting and finance system.

Seirei Case StudySeirei is one of the largest social welfare corporations that serves as a leader in comprehensive social welfare services in four fields: health care, medical care, social welfare, and nursing care. The company now operates more than a hundred fifty facilities in nine prefectures in Japan, where over fifteen thousand employees work.

Today, the medical and welfare industry is pressed for various actions to establish the system that provides medical and welfare services with the future in mind. The industry will soon face “the 2025 problem,”[1]or the super-aged society where one fifth of the entire population of Japan will reach the age of seventy-five or over[2]and the society will confront the shortage of human and financial resources.

Seirei has long used the packaged system by a foreign vendor as its accounting system, and decided to review it as the maintenance period of the server is expired. The company has started reexamining the system for “enhanced business administration features” and “improved operational efficiency of employees and the financial department,” to take measures for the 2025 problem in building the next core accounting and finance system.

Leveraging “AI WORKS” to shift to “the financial department that make the best use of numerical data for management“

 Seirei has examined various systems and selected “AI WORKS,” a cloud-based business application, as its next core accounting and finance system, which covers financial/managerial accounting, expense, debt/credit management, fixed asset management, and funds management in business accounting. The company highly evaluated “COMPANY” Human Resource Series for the success record of continued operational improvement that the application had brought them.

 Driven by the concept of improving usability for end users and eliminating the need for routine work, “AI WORKS,” combines the suggest feature that supports entry tasks and the improved efficiency of distribution operations to reduce simple tasks and to increase productivity.

Seirei now focuses on the reduction of routine work for employees in the finance department as well as for general employees, and the visualization of financial accounting information required for management. This saves the labor for “the task of handling numerical data for reporting” that has traditionally been handled by the finance department, to make a shift to the “operations that make the best use of numerical data” in order to assist the company’s business administration.

As a trusted partner of Seirei in building its core system, WAP will continue in our effort to support the new operating foundation of the company that contributes to the local community.

[1] Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
[2] Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ttps://

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