Koriyama City adopts “COMPANY” for its Abundance of Features Designed for Municipalities

Renovating the HR Payroll/General Affairs System to Encourage Employees to Take Part in Work Style Reform Themselves

[Translation of press release in Japanese]

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced Koriyama City (Headquarters: Koriyama City, Fukushima; Mayor: Masato Shinagawa) had purchased “COMPANY HCM&Payroll,” “COMPANY Attendance Management,” and ”COMPANY Workforce Self-Service.”

0919.jpgSituated in the center of Fukushima prefecture, Koriyama City is one of the key cities in Tohoku with the third largest population in the region. The city, in promotion of the work style reform, has revised the “Koriyama city specific proprietor action plan” (hereinafter "action plan") in 2016. The plan focuses on improved efficiency of operations by taking advantage of ICT and streamlined operations based on the “KAIZEN of business” principle, to engage the city in creating a work environment that helps to achieve “Dynamic Engagement of All Employees” where every employee has a sense of ownership and pursues self-fulfillment in work. Taking advantage of the opportunity to renovate the HR payroll/general affairs system, Koriyama City has reexamined how the succeeding system should be for the implementation of the action plan beyond mere update and replacement of the physical system. This has led to its decision to tender a bid principally based on the following requirements as a foundation to promote the work style reform.

▼Problem-Solving-Oriented Work Style Reform by Taking Advantage of ICT

The system supports the framework that leverages its features to allow all employees to promote the work style reform, such as encouraging them to take paid leaves and minimizing over-time work. The knowhow in using the system can be accumulated to allow employees to take part in the KAIZEN of business themselves.

▼Digitalization of Business Operations and Centralized Management of Information for Improved Operational Efficiency

The system allows most of the paper-based operations for various allowance requests to be essentially replaced by online requests and approvals. Employee information which is now individually managed using spreadsheet applications can be centrally managed on a single system, for fast and easy implementation of data analysis and visibility of issues.

▼Packaged Software to Minimize the Cost of Building and Refurbishment of the System

The system takes advantage of general-purpose packaged software to allow for system building and operation that minimize the refurbishment cost. It also provides innovative use cases that encompass municipalities as well as private enterprises for problem solving.

 “Koriyama City defines an ideal workplace as ‘an environment where employees achieve self-fulfillment’ and ‘a healthy and pleasant work environment for everyone’ in its action plan that focuses on work style reform.” Said Mr. Toshiyuki Sakai, Assistant manager of General affairs dept, Personnel section, Management group, Koriyama City. “In the plan, we set numerical target for achieving an ideal work environment, conduct annual survey of employees, and manage the progress on the target based on the PDCA cycle. We regard the renovation of the HR payroll/general affairs system as a perfect opportunity to further promote the work style reform. In Koriyama City, we take full advantage of “COMPANY” features to resolve existing challenges in business operations for an ideal workplace that promotes dynamic engagement of all employees.” 

“COMPANY,” the HR Payroll packaged software for large enterprises with the largest market share for
15 consecutive years

The following are the major advantages of “COMPANY” which Koriyama City has highly evaluated. 

1. Abundance of standard features to meet the requirements unique to municipalities without refurbishment

“COMPANY” implements the operational knowhow of organizations that employ the system from a variety of industries and business categories including municipalities, and continuously extends its functionality. This helps the system to accommodate the requirements unique to municipalities, such as retrogressive accounting, qualification process of allowances, and centralized management of different categories of employment including fixed-term reduced-hours employees, re-appointed employees, and substitute teachers. 

2. Free upgrades to support legal and system changes for better visibility of the budget

Additional features, which are required for changes in personnel systems as published by the National Personnel Authority Recommendations and other legal revisions, are implemented in “COMPANY” as standard features in free upgrades within the maintenance fee. There will be no unexpected cost of additional features, and it ensures better visibility of the budget for the system.

*The features we design to accommodate “Fiscal year employee appointment program,” scheduled to take effect in 2020, will be provided with free upgrades. 

3. Incorporating best practices of other companies including private enterprises for improved operational efficiency

With “COMPANY,” users can change the parameter settings of standard features themselves to accommodate the changes in operations of their own companies, minimizing the risk of added development cost due to the work performed by the vendor. In addition, as all users use the same products, their operational processes and knowhow are accumulated in “COMPANY.” This allows users to take advantage of best practices of other corporations including private enterprises and helps them to identify unreasonableness, inconsistency, and waste in their own operations to accomplish KAIZEN of business. 

WAP is committed in our efforts to support the mission of Koriyama City to promote the work style reform through effective use of “COMPANY” and to create the work environment that helps to achieve Dynamic Engagement of All Employees.

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