Kumon, our Valued Customer for 10+ Years, Upgrades to “AI WORKS”

Launching HR Business Reform Project to Create the Work Style that Promotes Growth of the Team and the Individuals

AI WORKS.jpg[Translation of press release in Japanese]
Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced that Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka; President: Hidenori Ikegami; hereinafter ”Kumon”) had purchased “AI WORKS HR Core,” “AI WORKS Payroll,” “AI WORKS Attendance Management,” “AI WORKS Talent Management,” and “AI WORKS Recruiting.”

KumonKumon operates 16,200 domestic and 8,600 overseas learning centers, based on the “Kumon Method” which empowers children to solve problems in learning materials themselves instead of being taught how to solve them. The company promotes learning experiences tailored to each student to support the growth of children, with the Kumon instructors who discover what is “just right” for each student, and the Kumon learning materials that are composed of a finely graduated series of steps designed to encourage students to progress on their own initiative.

Kumon launched the “HR Business Reform Project” as a part of the work style creation scheme the company had been focused on to promote the growth of the team and the individuals through work. The company has now started to consider eliminating redundant administrative tasks by integrating the human resources information and reviewing the data entry tasks due to the existing paper-based management of requests to ensure improved operational efficiency and reduced cost. And now, Kumon has chosen to upgrade “COMPANY” which has been in operation for more than ten years to “AI WORKS,” with an aim to reduce the use of papers as much as possible by taking advantage of the latest technologies to achieve maximum efficiency of HR related operations.

“We have used “COMPANY” for last ten years.” said Mr. Takafumi Minato of the Human Capital Department, Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. “We have an understanding and trust for the WAP business model, which provides prompt actions to accommodate legal changes, connection with other users, and proposals for improved operations based on our operational knowhow. Kumon has selected “AI WORKS” to further promote the operational reform as a part of our work style creation scheme. Witnessing all the challenges WAP has been taking on, I believe the possibilities are limitless to improve operations driven by “AI WORKS.” We are committed to support maximum growth of our employees and the organization in a joint effort with WAP, as well as the growth of “AI WORKS” as a user.


”AI WORKS,” the Personal Assistant System that helps All Employees with their Tasks

“AI WORKS” selected by Kumon has the following advantages.

High usability to simplify complicated, specialized business operations

Driven by the concept of improving usability for end users and eliminating the need for routine work, “AI WORKS,” a cloud-based business application, combines the standard features and the interface that simplify complicated, specialized business operations. Employees can now use smart devices for online requests and attendance management. It offers easy-to-use displays and suggest features that mitigate the workload of entries and verifications. These features contribute to improved operations that would lead to increased productivity.

The integrated HR database that encompasses recruiting, placement, evaluation, transfer, compensation, training, and attendance

“AI WORKS” delivers “AI WORKS Recruiting,” a recruiting management system, as a module for Human Resource Suite. Integrated management of employees’ career history before and after the entrance to the company using “AI WORKS” Human Resource Suite database provides an effective talent management to instantly learn about talents to help assign the right people in the right place.


WAP will continue in our effort to support the operational reform that promotes the growth of the team and the individuals as Kumon’s trusted partner.

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