[CASE STUDY] The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd. Go-live of New Integrated Personnel System on Schedule for 11 Group Companies

Support for system integration and improvement of operational efficiency by “COMPANY”

[Translation of press release in Japanese]
Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced the purchase and go-live of "COMPANY HCM&Payroll," "COMPANY Workforce Self-Service," "COMPANY Attendance Management," "COMPANY Talent Management," and "LaKeel BI[1]" by The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd. (Head Office: Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka; President: Hisashi Shibata; hereinafter "the Shizuoka Bank") as its new integrated personnel system for 11 group companies after 15 months of implementation period.

Shizuoka Bank Case Study The Shizuoka Bank is one of major regional banks based in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is actively promoting creation of new business fields thorough cooperation with companies in different industries as well as steady management, even under a harsh business environment such as decreasing population and unprecedented monetary policy of negative interest rate. Its existing system has become more complex due to customization for changes of operations, revisions of systems, and laws over ten years and additional costs have been required for system repairs accompanied with changes and additions of functional requirements. Since the support for the existing system ended, a system renovation project started in order to realize optimization of system costs and improvement of operational efficiency by reexamining operational processes.

Highly evaluated “COMPANY” that covers special bank operations within standard functions and responds to future changes flexibly

The Shizuoka Bank highly evaluated following three benefits in adopted “COMPANY” as its new integrated personnel system.

1. The rich assortment of standard functions that handle complex banking business operational requirements with no customization

“COMPANY” has the extensive array of standard functions built on the operational processes and know-how of our customers. It handles complex banking business operational requirement, and correspond the operation flexibly such as creation and approval of personnel change proposal, revisions of personnel system, and the like only by change the setting of standard function.

2. Flexibility and future prospect that can covers future law changes, personnel systems changes, and management strategy changes in the future

Functions whose needs are approved for law changes, personnel systems, operational needs, and trends will be developed as standard functions of “COMPANY” in updates within fixed maintenance fee. Since no additional development is required for individual change and additional function requirement, “COMPANY” reduces system repairing costs drastically and responds to such changes timely and swiftly.

3. “COMPANY” is adopted by various large enterprises including major financial industry

“COMPANY” has been adopted by numbers of large enterprises from all industries and types of businesses as an integrated personnel management infrastructure with more than 80 implementation cases to major financial industry. Therefore, it incorporates operational processes and know-how in itself and enables customers to utilize the best practices of their industries.

Go-live for 11 group companies on schedule ~Aims to improve operational efficiency by expanding its applicable scope~

In this system renovation project, the Shizuoka Bank realized system integration and standardization concerning existing operations using standard functions of “COMPANY” and successfully launched the services for group companies all at once on schedule after 15 months of implementation period. As for the introduce a flextime after system go-live, COMPANY is required only change the setting without any system repaired.

WAP will continuously support Shizuoka Bank to optimize the business operation and improve its efficiency by expanding the scope of using “COMPANY”. Moreover, WAP has “User Committee” where a customer communicates other customers as well as WAP to achieve continuous and mutual growth thorough information sharing and opinion exchange. We are going to actively provide opportunities to gather information about system utilization method and operational know-how through the communication with other users of “COMPANY”.

 WAP will continue to contribute in realizing the Shizuoka Bank’s management strategy by providing system infrastructure that flexibly responds to the future operational changes.

 [1]"LaKeel BI" is sold by WAP based on the sales agency agreement with Legend Applications,Inc.

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