WAP To Extend “WithKids” Further

Encourages the employees who wish to return to work early even after giving birth

[Translation of press release in Japanese]

20180326_1.png Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”), today announced the floor extension and the capacity extension of “WithKids” an in-house childcare facility, to accommodate 35 children. WAP encourages the employees who wish to realize work-life balance and return to work under the theme of “Childcare in the office”

After the opening of “WithKids” in December 2016, employees are able to choose the ways of work they desire, such as early returning to work within one year after acquiring childcare leave, returning to work in the month other than April, or work form change from assigned time work to full time work. WAP decided to extend the facility considering the increase of the number of applicants and the employees' satisfaction, and the demand forecasting based on the internal questionnaire survey and age-specific average fertility rates.

20180326_2.pngIn “WithKids”, WAP hires a nursery teacher/nurse/dietitian as a full-time employee to create an ideal environment for childcare that excels the existing framework. By hiring enough number of staff members and organizing a working system with time to spare, a worthwhile workplace environment has been created for childcare staff members.

As WAP brings together workplace and childcare place in one office as “WithKids”, employees are able to experience one-day nursery teacher, participate in various events, and communicate with the children while strolling in the office on a rainy day. This combined place/environment enables early return for employees who are fully motivated to keep working after the birth. Also, WAP will continue to create an ideal environment where employees are able to show their best performance on both their work and their childcare. 

Provide a comfortable place with your children


Activities of “WithKids”

“Childcare in the office” will change the way childcare is, and create new work styles

◆One-day nursing teacher by employees cultivates diversity of children20180326_4.png
Children in “WithKids” have a chance to learn foreign languages by listening picture-book reading by foreign national employees, or learn rhythmic sense/acoustic sensitivity by hearing employees who are good at playing instruments play music, which develops children's rich humanity.

◆Nutritious and handmade meals for children and their parents
Staff members qualified as a national registered dietitian/dietitian serve every meal full of nutrition and affection for children and their parents. By serving not only lunch but also dinner, “WithKids” reduces parents' burden after work and provides time to enjoy with family members.

◆Everyone can participate in the various internal events20180326_5.png
“WithKids” holds various kinds of seasonal events in which parents, employees, and parents from outside the company can take part, such as summer festival, Halloween party, Christmas party, artistic class, Mother's/Father's Day, and birthday party. Fathers, who usually rely on mothers about childcare, participate in an event using temporary childcare and gain insights into childcare.

◆Experts thoroughly support parents' health and children's health
Reliable childcare experts help parents to raise their children with ease and to eliminate concerns about childcare. Based on a well-organized childcare environment that handles various stages of childcare from early pregnancy to early childhood, both parents and children can grow together and develop their own capabilities together.

For example,20180326_6.png
・Establishment of the consultation desk about pregnancy by a midwife
・Holding a class about the start/end of breastfeeding by a midwife
・Breast massage by a midwife
・Holding a class about maternal feeding/baby food by a dietitian
・Establishment of the consultation desk about maternal feeding by a midwife

◆Dietary Education, parents and children enjoy on 19th day in each month20180326_8.png
Designating 19th day in each month as the day of Dietary Education, “WithKids” promotes Dietary Education activities that provide experiences related to eating, the origin of health, such as learning/cooking seasonal foods, under the supervision of a national registered dietitian/dietitian.

 ◆Enjoy childcare; one-day nursing teacher experience by employees
“WithKids” holds childcare classes for adults by nursing teachers in order to nurture children's healthy growth and provide opportunities for all employees including unmarried employees to learn about childcare. 

About “WithKids”


  • Location: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (WAP headquarters)
  • Types of childcare: Monthly childcare, temporary childcare (same-day registration possible) etc.
  • Facility type: Separate rooms for children age groups: younger than 1 year old, 1 year old, and 2 years old or older; Play area; Beds for children who are ill; Milk room; Infant toilet; Shower; Storage space; Washing machine; Office; etc.
  • Childcare capacity: 35 children (Childcare age limit: Preschool-age children)
  • Childcare time: 8:00 to 20:30
  • Target users: WAP Group employees (Can also be used by employees on parental leave and by male employees)
  • Management style: In-house management (outside of licensing requirements)
  • Other features:
    • ”Flexible childcare”: Respond flexibly to rush hour or urgent work without any additional cost by providing free choice of childcare time according to the way of work.
    • ”Temporary childcare without reservation”: Rich human resource of childcare staffs and slack work shift allow the use of childcare without a reservation. It works when you are in an urgent situation.
    • ”Empty-handed commutation”: Necessary items for childcare such as diapers or changes of clothing are all prepared by “WithKids”.
    • ”Year-round childcare”: The timing of admittance/withdrawal is not limited, which makes it possible for eager employees to return to work early.

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Hiromi Kaneda
Email: publicrelations@worksap.com

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