TACHI-S Upgrades to AI-Infused Enterprise Software Solution "AI WORKS"

Aims to promote work style innovation for all employees by improving operational efficiency and creating 10,000 hours of work per year

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced the purchase of “AI WORKS” Human Resource Suite by TACHI-S CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Akishima-shi, Tokyo; Representative Director President, CEO & COO: Taro Nakayama; hereinafter “TACHI-S”), which have utilized our former products "COMPANY" HR series for 17 years.

For expanded overseas business, developing new diversified HR strategies

TACHI-S Customer CasestudyTACHI-S is a manufacturer and supplier providing automotive seats to various auto manufacturers. Since its overseas operations were started 30 years ago, the ratio of overseas sales rises to approx. 60% and 67 offices were established in Japan and other countries. Focusing on foreign markets, its sales channels have been proactively developed and expanded. With this background, TACHI-S redesigned their various systems and approaches for training, utilization, evaluation, and treatment of employees. Also, HR/Labor divisions redefined their value creation and planned new HR strategies in order to enhance the global organization that supports its business growth.

With more than 10,000 hours of operational efficiency per year, supporting "Work Style Reform" for all the employees

Toward implementing its new HR strategies, TACHI-S decided to upgrade the version to "AI WORKS" as a supporting system of "Work Style Reform" for all the employees. It leads to maximize work efficiency to shift their focus from administrative tasks to strategic business planning.

Utilizing big data analysis and AI technology, "AI WORKS" enables not only systematization of operations which were manually proceeded but also work automation/reduction, based on the predictive analysis of routine works. TACHI-S estimates to decrease over 10,000 man-hours per year in human resource management, payroll calculation, evaluation and attendance management by automating related tasks with "AI WORKS". Therefore, TACHI-S is to spend the surplus time more on business creation which strategically supports all the employees to reform their work style.

Utilization Examples of "AI WORKS"
・  Regarding management or instruction for employees' working hours, which is required in "Work Style Reform", "AI WORKS" automatically provides support to an employee who need to reconsider the way of working on behalf of a superior by analyzing and predicting his/her current work situation based on internal corporate systems, employment status, and past attendance records etc.

・  If the difference occurs in the monthly salary amount compared with the previous month, “AI WORKS” analyzes and predicts the reason based on internal corporate systems, travel expense information, and past payroll information, etc. "AI WORKS" determines the cause on behalf of the person in charge by collecting the information including the causing factors of the difference and giving suggestions without confirming or inquiring to the employee concerned.

In the future, TACHI-S expects to utilize "AI WORKS" as a global talent database foundation not for the personnel information currently managed by the headquarter in Japan but for over 10,000 employees working in globe. As "AI WORKS" meets the policy or HR system of each country, it enables TACHI-S to find hidden executive candidates across the border, develop training plan which considered individual roles or skills and place the right person in the right place across the group. Thereby TACHI-S aims to restructure training system and improve operating structure.

"We were dissatisfied with a situation where there was no sufficient time for talent-based critical tasks such as talent development or optimal placement of human resources," said Mr. Yuichiro Yamamoto, Director, Executive Vice President of TACHI-S. "While we were busy with repetitive administrative tasks such as payroll calculation, there was still a load of unsettled HR/Labor issues. It was one of our options that we used up 'COMPANY' which has been running together for 17 years as our system, but we determined to shift it to 'AI WORKS', a successor product of COMPANY. Many companies have implemented 'AI WORKS' already and upgrading became realistic for us. We do expect in 'AI WORKS', which will support achievement of 'Work Style Reform' for all the employees with the drastic improvement of operational efficiency and will promote talent development including global talent management required for our future business growth."

WAP pursues users’ benefits from the upgrades. "AI WORKS" learns the operational log data stored in "COMPANY" and automatically performs verification process in accordance with each company's operation. Based on the verification result reports, WAP suggests operation improvement or additional utilization of new functions to users and supports their further operational efficiency with "AI WORKS".

"AI WORKS", AI-Infused Enterprise Software Solution

AI WORKS Casestudy"AI WORKS" is an AI-infused enterprise software solution which combines operational functions fit for enterprises with productivity tools and advanced AI technologies. "AI WORKS" learns and analyzes a huge amount of operational log data generated from daily operations, and helps each company's business transforming their operations by offering every employee a personal assistant.

Grounded in our unique business model, "AI WORKS" was developed and shaped with operational knowhow accumulated from 1,300 large group companies during the past 20 years. In addition to that, WAP integrates its unique operational knowhow, cutting-edge technologies such as AI (machine-learning) and a vast volume of daily collected operational log data into "AI WORKS". It has been continuously developing as a personal assistant system for individual employees.

AI WORKS Customer Casestudy

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