Nara Co-op to Promote Successor Training with Efficiency Improvement of 4,000 Hours

First Adopter Co-op of AI WORKS, 6 Products of HR and Financial Management Suite

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced the purchase of 6 products* of AI WORKS suite by Nara Consumers' Co-operative Union (Headquarters: Nara-city, Nara; President: Motoko Nakano; hereinafter "Nara Co-op") as its new financial management system and human resources (hereinafter, HR) management system. *Products ("AI WORKS Financials & Strategy", "AI WORKS Accounts Receivable", "AI WORKS Accounts Payable", "AI WORKS HR Core", "AI WORKS Payroll" and "AI WORKS Attendance Management")

Facing mandatory retirement of experienced employees in a few years, enhances IT infrastructure for business succession to the next generation

20171116.gifNara Co-op is a regional purchasing cooperative in Nara prefecture, participated by 46% of the prefecture citizens. Based on the mission of "Creating a more human lifestyle and sustainable society through the concerted efforts of autonomous citizens.", it aims to be an organization that lasts for over 100 years and promotes the training of successors. The cooperative, whose experienced staff are getting older and will retire in a few years, estimated that more than 3 years are required to hand over the operation to successors. Therefore, it has reviewed the whole business operation and implemented further use of IT for prompt handover of a wide range of operation. Especially in the operation with many manual processes, it is expected to eliminate dependence on individual skills and know-how and reduce the routine tasks through AI and IT.

AI WORKS achieves prompt and stable business succession as well as members’ satisfaction

Nara Co-op has adopted AI WORKS as its HR and financial management system for the long-term business succession. The following features are especially evaluated for the selection.

AI learns a wide range of operations and reduces the burden on the new staff
AI WORKSロゴ.pngAI WORKS learns daily operational processes with its machine learning technology and accumulates operational know-how in it. Considering the training successors, it was challenging for Nara Co-op to find a way to hand over the experienced staffs’ tasks, which are diverse and required practical know-how, to successors. AI WORKS suggests a following process and supports the accurate operation based on the accumulated operational know-how, which allows less experienced staff to proceed with work like experienced staff do without manuals.

AI automation creates 4,000 work-hours per year.
In addition to the above, AI WORKS predicts and covers routinely repeated tasks such as data entry or report preparation, which is bringing about significant changes in its operational efficiency. Clear separation of tasks between automated one by AI WORKS and manual one enables to reduces 1,000 work-hours a year in the HR area and 3,000 work-hours a year in the accounting area in Nara Co-op. These process improvement enables Nara Co-op to focus more on what has the higher priority than maintaining the existing operations, such as talent development, business strategy development or product and service planning unique to the Co-op in line with lifestyle changes of members.

WAP will continue to support the improvement of IT investment efficiency of Nara Co-op and other cooperatives in Japan that contribute to people's living and culture based on the community.

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