NITORI Adopts COMPANY for “Global Transfer-Based Education”

NITORI Adopts COMPANY for “Global Transfer-Based Education” to Achieve 3,000 Stores Worldwide and 3 trillion Yen in Sales

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP") today announced NITORI Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi; Chief Executive Officer: Toshiyuki Shirai; hereinafter "NITORI") selected "COMPANY HCM & Payroll," "COMPANY Workforce Self-Service," COMPANY Attendance Management" and "COMPANY Talent Management" and starts partial operation as its global human resources system.

Talent development to achieve 3,000 stores worldwide and 3 trillion yen in sales

20171102_1.pngNITORI, a leading furniture and interior products company, has achieved the record of increasing revenue and profit for thirty consecutive years. The company is now focusing on expansion of stores to 3,000 worldwide and increase in sales to 3 trillion yen by 2032. The growth of the company to keep up with this rapidly changing environment of our time depends on employees who are “highly adaptive to changes.” Our unique “transfer-based education” is the educational strategy designed to develop such “adaptability to changes." In this educational method, employees are transferred every eighteen months across a variety of workplaces within the company including manufacturing, logistics and sales. This ensures development of talents who are capable of innovation with a strong background in store management essential to a retailer and an extensive knowledge of the organization as a whole.

 Japan-born “transfer-based education” evolving to “global transfer-based education

This unique Japan-born educational method is also employed in the offices outside Japan. Increasing number of local employees are positive about this educational method, as they believe it promotes development of individuals’ skills and in turn leads to advancement in their professional career. The company now works towards the “global transfer-based education,” which is not limited to individual countries and regions, but operated across worldwide offices based on its plan to expand stores in the United States, China and other overseas market. To facilitate this, the company needed a global common platform.

The “global transfer-based education” already implemented in China and Taiwan

―approximately 120 employees transferred

NITORI has launched the “global transfer-based education” based on COMPANY, first in Taiwan in April 2016, then in China in September 2017. It not only works as a talent database for each country and region, but also manages the local business operations, enabling the global talent management using the actual data acquired through day-to-day operations.

20171102_2.png“It is my mission to develop employees who can compete on the global market through the ‘global transfer-based education,” says Mr. Akio Igarashi, the executive officer and the director of organizational development department, NITORI Holdings Co., Ltd. “I believe giving such opportunities to employees is the greatest form of welfare a company can provide them. It wouldn’t have been possible without COMPANY, which supports different languages and legal revisions of each country and region, and keeps up to the pace of growth and changes at NITORI. I’m so happy and reassured to see the employees grow up and make progress taking advantage of this educational method.”

COMPANY, a global talent management platform that is “highly adaptive to changes”

NITORI has adopted COMPANY in its worldwide offices, including Japan, China and Taiwan. It selected COMPANY primarily for the following advantages.

  1. Talent data of overseas offices centrally managed on the common platform worldwide for “global transfer-based education.” It also supports English, Japanese, and Chinese.
  2. Its high coverage of business operations and “high adaptability to changes.” It flexibly adapts to rapid operational reforms and frequent institutional changes with no additional cost and customization.
  3. Flexibility to adapt to repeated legal revisions in various countries with no additional cost, saving significant amount of cost for human resources.

WAP will continue in our effort to support the success of global enterprises operating in the United States, Asia and other areas of the world and to help them improve the efficiency of information investment.

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