Maruichi Steel Tube Seeking to Halve Man-HRs with AI

-More Efficient Domestic Business for More Overseas Business-

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced the purchase of “AI WORKS HR Suite”, "AI WORKS AC Suite", and "AI WORKS Enterprise Collaboration"(*) by Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka; Board of chairman representative director and CEO: Hiroyuki Suzuki; hereinafter “Maruichi Steel Tube”).

Focusing on Operating System Renewal for Streamlined Domestic Business

20171004_1.gifMaruichi Steel Tube is evaluated as a top-rated enterprise in the welded steel tube industry. Having plants in various places in Japan and other countries, they provide quick and quality services that meet their local customers' demand under the management system of locating production bases at area of demand. In today's rapid globalization, Maruichi Steel Tube is focusing on renewal for their operating system to achieve the streamlining of their domestic business.

"AI WORKS" Selected as Artificial Intelligence Business Application for Everyone's Use

Based on the policy "a costly system is of no use if no one uses it" and focusing on that it must be an "everyone's tool" for securing investment effects, Maruichi Steel Tube has selected "AI WORKS" for the following reasons:

  1. Manualless
    "AI WORKS", with cutting-edge consumer IT, achieves 0.1 seconds response speed to realize manualless intuitive operation.
  1. Inputless
    "AI WORKS" significantly reduces users' load of data entry and PC operation to a minimum and achieves the productivity improvement, supported by the AI technology, which leverages operational know-how of over 1,300 leading companies. For example, in time-consuming accounting tasks, it analyzes text data in PDF invoices and automatically enter the data in the appropriate field.


Hiroyuki Suzuki, Board of Chairman Representative Director and CEO of Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.

20190929_2.jpg"The benefit of implementing the cutting-edge system like 'AI WORKS' is that its high-level user interface allows users to use it without reading the manual. 'Just do it.' I expect the employees to be a master of AI, not a slave of AI."


WAP will support Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. in achievement of their operational efficiency and revenue growth.

* Ordered Products:
AI WORKS Payroll
AI WORKS Attendance Management
AI WORKS Expense
AI WORKS Accounts Payable
AI WORKS Accounts Receivable
AI WORKS Purchase
AI WORKS Financials & Strategy
AI WORKS Enterprise Collaboration

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Mai Nagata, Hanako Okada

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