Bare Escentuals, a Shiseido Group Company, Renovates its E-Commerce System

- Aiming for Triple Sales Increase through E-Commerce in Three Years -

20170927_2.jpgWorks Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced Bare Escentuals Japan (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Toru Mukai; hereinafter Bare Escentuals) purchased "COMPANY EC Suite" as its new EC and mail-order system, and the system recently started operation.170927.jpg

20170927_1.jpgBare Escentuals is a seller of bareMinerals, the mineral-based foundation makeup that has marked No.1i in sales among the all American foundation makeup cosmetic brands, and is known as a pioneer of the " mineral cosmetics brand" in Europe, Asia and other areas of the world.
In 2010, Bare Escentuals joined Shiseido Group, the leading Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, and changed its strategies to focus more on luxurious positioning by expanding to department stores channel. In March 2016, the company decided to discontinue the infomercials, which had been its fundamental marketing communication, and to shift its focus on sales through retail stores and E-commerce web sites.
In response to this decision, Bare Escentuals needed from replace its outdated call center system and E-commerce system to the "Websites that Sell" solution. "COMPANY EC Suite" was selected as the new E-commerce/mail order system solution.

i Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Department /Specialty, Dollar & Unit Sales, Annual 2016

Selected COMPANY that accumulates the operational know-hows of "Websites that Sell"
Bare Escentuals selected COMPANY as the solution for its new system based on the following advantages.

1.Proven performance in subscriptions and building E-commerce websites
Subscription is the key feature for websites selling cosmetics and health foods. Bare Escentuals selected COMPANY for its proven performance in building websites that incorporate a mechanism to increase the ratio of sales from subscription.

2.Cost of building systems visualized to minimize the risk in system development
The specified range of available functions can be modified simply by changing settings in COMPANY, which is equipped with all the features needed for business operations as default. By using the software package that does not require a customization for individual company, users can visualize the cost of building systems to mitigate the risk in system development, including additional cost charged after all the requirements are defined.

 3.Flexibility to tailor the system to the user's business strategy
Additional function developments are done by following conditions; customers’ strong requests and the necessity of standard business operations. Based on them, COMPANY offers various features to its users as standard service with no additional charge, giving flexibility to accommodate varying business strategies of users in today's ever-changing E-commerce industry. In addition to the requests from users, the system pursues the latest trends and technologies, and knowhow of the "Websites that Sell" across the world. Then those accumulated knowledge are incorporated as standard functions, enabling users to always take advantage of the up-to-date features and cutting-edge technologies.

Promote campaign policies linked to physical stores to triple the ratio of E-commerce sales in three years

Bare Escentuals deployed COMPANY to integrate its existing Call center, E-commerce and other systems in this system renovation project. The new system enables central management of order history, earned points, promotion history and other customer information from both call center and E-commerce systems. This facilitates effective purchasing analysis and sales strategy planning for more personalized promotion activities and the campaign policies linked to physical stores, to ultimately acquire more loyal customers. Furthermore, by implementing new services such as subscriptions and members ranking programs, the company aims to triple sales through the E-commerce website in three years.


Comments by the project manager at Bare Escentuals in charge of selecting and deploying COMPANY:

"This was a huge project that required many different kinds of system migrations that would have taken many years.  It was great that we could complete it in as less than a year. As the schedule was so tight that we needed to skip some verification process, however, we were able to start the system up running without any critical failures.
With "COMPANY", we are selling more than double number of products, and increased the average sales per customer by 15 percent than the previous year. Now we are considering to incorporate Omni Channels in the near future, and expect to utilize COMPANY's another proven advantage."

WAP will continue in our effort to support the success of Bare Escentuals with system infrastructure technologies and strategic consulting.

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Kyoko Kado, Kaori Nakagawa

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