15 Group Companies of Shanghai INOAC Implement “COMPANY”

Achieving Group HR Management with One Integrated System and Reducing 10,000+ Man-hours per Year

Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Shanghai, China; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter “WAP China”), the Chinese subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd., (hereinafter, WAP), today announced that Shanghai INOAC Corporation (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; President: Lu Bin; hereinafter “Shanghai INOAC”), the Chinese subsidiary of INOAC Corporation is to implement its human resources (hereinafter, HR) management system suite, “COMPANY HCM & Payroll” and “COMPANY Attendance Management”.

New challenges to enhance the linkages within the group for sales expansion in the Chinese market 
INOAC Group is recognized as a world leader in the high polymer chemical products field such as polyurethane, rubber, plastics and composite materials. While INOAC Group has expanded their business in the 16 countries in the world, Shanghai INOAC is now doing R&D of materials for the Chinese market, manufacturing and selling the products, as well as promoting one of their strengths, the processing technology research of their unique material. 

INOAC Group aims for enhancement of 37 group companies' linkage in China, finding and training of executive candidates to develop new local clients in the Chinese market and expand its market share. To this end, after expiration of the system maintenance contract, Shanghai INOAC began consideration on implementation of a new HR management system to integrate its group systems and optimize business efficiency of each company with it. Also, based on the integrated system, Shanghai INOAC aims to place the right person in the right place across the group.

Achieving integrated group HR management and reducing 10,000+ man-hours per year
Shanghai INOAC adopted "COMPANY" as an integrated HR management system of key 15 group companies in China, judging from the following three points:

1. Capability to reduce more than 10,000 man-hours per year by systemizing business operations
"COMPANY" offers functional capacity as a standard package solution to all companies from all industries. It allows to systemize and automate management of working hours of field salespeople, and unique operational requirements in wages/assessment, which were traditionally manual. This ultimately brings reduction of 10,000+ man-hours.

2. Feasible HR strategies across the group by establishing the integrated HR platform of 15 group companies
"COMPANY", the all-in-one system, allows the integrated management of its 15 group companies in China, each of which has different operations and personnel systems. Therefore, it enables development of cross-sectional HR strategies, such as discovering and training of executive candidates and placing the right person in the right place across multiple group companies. Also INOAC Group aims for achieving global talent management in the future by linking the database of Shanghai INOAC with the HR database of INOAC Japan Group. 

3. Capability to visualize the cost to support internal/external environment changes at a flat maintenance rate
At a flat maintenance rate with no additional charge, "COMPANY" supports future internal/external environment changes such as change of laws or systems that cannot be identified. Addition to that, "COMPANY" also has a standard function to keep obtaining and providing the latest trend, which allows to make an efficient use of new functions for new business operations in the newly expanded fields. This brings a reduction and visualization of the IT cost in the long-term.

Comments by President Lu Bin of Shanghai INOAC Corporation

0922_陸様.jpgHere in China, INOAC Group expects that implementation of "COMPANY" releases all the members of HR department from routine work to focus more on a creative and plan-required field, such as development of Chinese executive candidates or rotation activation. We now have 37 group companies in total in China, including joint-stock companies. We will implement "COMPANY" and expand our operation to joint-stock companies, if this project in key 15 group companies work well with "COMPANY". 

WAP China will support INOAC Group in expansion of their business in China through our product "COMPANY".

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