DUSKIN Selects AI WORKS to Reduce IT Investment Cost

- Optimizing Business Efficiency to Achieve Sustainable Growth -

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced the purchase of “AI WORKS Asset”, the next-generation asset management system by Duskin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita-shi, Osaka; President & CEO: Teruji Yamamura; hereinafter “Duskin”).

Optimizing the development and operation costs for information systems to achieve sustainable growth

Duskin Customer CasestudyDuskin has started its business as a rental service company for chemical wiping cloth that enables wiping without using water. In hopes of freeing housewives from the burden of tiresome household chores and delivering the convenience to as many of them as possible all over the country, Duskin established the franchise business as its distribution model.

In the era of aging population and low birth rate along with diversified lifestyles, Duskin is focused on developing products and technologies to meet its customers’ needs. To achieve sustainable growth, Duskin is to reduce manufacturing, distribution, and procurement costs and optimize the development and operation costs for information systems.

Cost Efficiency is the Key for choosing AI WORKS - for Compliance with IFRS

AI WORKS CasestudyDuskin has selected “AI WORKS Asset”, an AI-infused enterprise software solution as its next-generation asset management system. AI WORKS conforms to each revision of tax laws and in-house systems as well as future changes in business environment such as M&A, with no additional cost. It also automatically implements its capabilities free of charge to meet security and other technological advances, thus always enabling use of up-to-date products. Therefore, no extra cost will be added to the fixed-rate maintenance fee, eventually achieving long-term cost savings for IT investment . After reviewing options between upgrading the existing system and switching to AI WORKS, with cost for IFRS in mind, Duskin has selected AI WORKS, which offers long-term cost advantages.

Duskin is in process of optimizing business efficiency through implementation of AI WORKS and resulting long-term reduction of IT investment cost as well as rebuilding of the cost structure for manufacturing, distribution, and procurement. WAP will continue in our effort to support sustainable growth at Duskin with our system infrastructure technologies.

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Works Applications
Hanako Okada
Email: publicrelations@worksap.com

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