Nissin Foods (China) chose COMPANY to integrate and visualize the HR database of its 6 group companies as part of its globalization efforts

We are pleased to announce that Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Shanghai, PRC; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter “WAP China”; a subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan) has received an order for COMPANY HCM & Payroll and COMPANY Attendance Management from Nissin Foods (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai; Chief Representative: Kiyotaka Ando; hereinafter “Nissin Foods (China)”; a China-based subsidiary of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.).

Integration and visualization of HR database throughout its China operations seen as a critical element for further business growth

Nissin Foods CaseStudySince its establishment in 1948, Nissin Foods group has steadily advanced as a manufacturer and marketer of instant noodles, chilled & frozen foods, confectionaries and beverages. It is now Japan’s top producer of instant noodles. Nissin Cup Noodles, the world’s first cup noodle offering, is currently marketed in over 80 countries and, in March 2016, chalked up its 40 billionth sale. In terms of overseas sales, Nissin Foods is expecting a 150% growth in 2020.

The group’s full-scale market entry into Chinabegan with the 1994 establishment of Guangdong Shunde Nissin Foods. Product development efforts, including respect for the taste preferences of Chinese consumers, led to a number of hit brands, most notably Demae Itcho and, specifically for China, hap mei do (a subsequent “cup noodle boom” in that country is largely credited to Nissin Foods). Nissin Foods products proved especially popular among younger consumers, giving the group a solid footing in an extremely large market. Riding upon this success, Nissin Foods management established Nissin Foods (China) in 2001, which now operates four production centers and nearly 40 marketing outlets.

In its Medium-Term Business Plan 2020, Nissin Foods management sees the “development and strengthening of human resources for global management,” as a key theme, with specific measures including: (1) recruiting external managerial talent familiar with local markets; (2) developing local executive candidates; and (3) enhancing the global proficiencies of managers. As part of this plan Nissin Foods also plan to increase its pool of managerial resources from 100 to 200 people by 2020 globally.

To develop its global human resources strategy forChina, Nissin Foods started considering a new HR system to integrate and visualize its HR database in a consistent manner across its various entities, which currently run HR databases built on local legal and cultural rules.

COMPANY―Uniform control over personnel data deriving from more than 40 business locations under six companies; visualization of groupwide human resources for optimal placements/assignments

The key to further business expansion inChina—and to optimal group-level control throughout the nation—rests with human resources or, more specifically, with having a good grasp of personnel-related information under a single, integrated system. This led Nissin Foods (China) and six group companies underneath it to go with COMPANY as a group-standard personnel management system. In making this choice, Nissin management gave a particularly high assessment to the system on the following three points.

1. Ability to uniformly manage personnel data from more than 40 business locations under six companies, thereby enabling centralized control and visualization of human resources information now dispersed around the country.

By using COMPANY to uniformly manage a variety of personnel-related information scattered across various regions and managed at various levels under various operational rules, group managers will be able to visualize, in real time, the profile and location of its human resources. This allows them to optimize the deployment of capable managerial talent and to devise effective training/development programs for managerial candidates.

2. Ability to accommodate differing employment patterns at manufacturing facilities, sales offices and other locations within a single ERP system and the ability to accommodate revisions to legal requirements and facility-level practices without incurring additional charges.

Nissin Foods (China) oversees more than 40 manufacturing facilities and sales offices across China. Its HR division has to plan work shift schedules taking into account the various employment patterns of its works as well as file social security tax returns taking into account the local tax filing rules of each city. By choosing COMPANY, Nissin Foods (China) is able to automate these processes without incurring additional costs.

3. Ability to deploy a globally integrated personnel system that supports efforts to identify, optimally assign and further develop promising employees across national boundaries.

COMPANY can be utilized to integrate personnel information system across its Japan headquarters and other group entities within a network for the optimal global placement of groupwide human resources and, by extension, for the enhancement of global corporate competitiveness. 

WAP, supporting the global business expansion of our customers with global ready products

To seize the growth opportunities in overseas markets, many large Japanese companies are accelerating their globalizations efforts. However, they have not been able to accurately obtain a full picture of their core talent pool, including managerial talent as well as future candidates. As a result, the optimization of talent development as well as development has become a key concern for these companies.

WAP’s global-ready products such as COMPANY and AI WORKS allow companies to overcome the challenges they face across different jurisdictions and business cultures, and achieve comprehensive control over their HR information databases. At the same time, WAP’s unique business model and provision of end-to-end services from sales to maintenance, allows companies to navigate both internal and external changes, without incurring additional costs. In this way, companies can adapt to the fast-changing global environments without worrying about their system becoming obsolete. WAP will continue to provide IT systems that will support the global expansion and investment optimization of companies.

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