Huis Ten Bosch: an Innovative Solution of AI to Business Management

- Company that used robots to provide front-desk hotel services now aims for 50% improvement in labor productivity using AI -

20170120_6.pngWorks Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”), today announced the purchase of its four products—“AI WORKS Financials & Strategy”, “AI WORKS Expense”, “AI WORKS Accounts Payable”, and “AI WORKS Accounts Receivable”—by Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture; President: Hideo Sawada; hereinafter “Huis Ten Bosch”). Huis Ten Bosch’s would use AI WORKS to form the core of its new accounting system in conjunction with its administrative reform drive.

20170317ENlogo.pngUnder the slogan “tourism business city,” Huis Ten Bosch has been advancing its “number one, only one” Hius Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo. Attractions include: the Kingdom of Light, said to be the most splendid urban illumination in all of Japan; the Henn-na Hotel, staffed by robots and boasting of the highest levels of service efficiency anywhere; and the Henn-na Restaurant, also staffed by robots and said to be 200 years ahead of its time. In addition, soon to come in 2017 is an expanded range of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) features, and an establishment of a dedicated robotics company—hapi-robo st.

20170317_2.jpgKingdom of Light

20170317_5.jpgHenn-na Hotel

20170317_4.jpgHenn-na Restaurant

Driving its business expansion with AI WORKS, the next-generation AI-infused enterprise software solution

Japan’s working-age population (people 15 through 64) is projected to substantially decline into the future due to its low birthrate. To pursue business expansion amidst these circumstances, Huis Ten Bosch is striving to raise employee productivity, in turn enabling the company to operate its guest services and business administrative functions with fewer people. With regards to guest services, the company adopts robotics in place of human workers to operate its hotel and restaurant facilities. With regards to administrative functions, the company has selected AI WORKS, as its main system to dramatically raise its employee productivity.

Seeking to raise labor productivity by 50% through AI-backed administrative reforms

◇Significant improvements in data entry efficiency by automated entry and mapping of receipts
◇Learning and predictive capabilities reduce need for human processing/checking to an extreme minimum

Because of its focus on service quality, Huis Ten Bosch gives priority to customer service for theme park visitors and put off administrative work until the park closes at the end of the day. The limited time allocated as well as the sheer volume of time needed (450 hours per month), to take care of administrative matters such as expense processing and billing, place a heavy burden on employees. Furthermore, because the company operates multiple facilities, including hotels, a theme park and a restaurant, employees have to handle a vast variety of transactions, which involve time-consuming data entry and entry check tasks.

AI WORKS simply loads photos of receipts. Then, character strings on the receipts are read by an AI capability, which the system uses to automatically map entries to their proper accounting categories. Automatic data entry enable users to be released from the work entailed by data inputting. Furthermore, the system even uses such knowledge to predict what needs to be done and suggest to the operator what to do next. By learning how to process a variety invoices from a variety of partners for a variety of transactions, the system becomes able to quickly and automatically check similar transactions and, by that reduces the need for human processing/checking to an extreme minimum.

Through the implementation of AI WORKS as their new accounting system suite,Huis Ten Bosch management seeks to cut down on time-consuming tasks and, by that, raise labor productivity by 50%.

We at WAP continue to assist Huis Ten Bosch in its efforts to prepare systems infrastructure to support further business growth.

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