- Strengthening Governance to Support Business Expansion in China -

We are pleased to announce that Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Shanghai, PRC; Chairman:Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter “WAP China”; a subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan) has received an order for COMPANY Workforce Self-Service (CWS) from FUJITSU FRONTECH (SHANGHAI) Limited (Headquarters: Shanghai; Chairman: Atsunori Kimura; hereinafter “Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai”).

Enhancing work efficiency, strengthening governance ahead of next business advance

Fujitsu customer CasestudyFujitsu Frontech Shanghai works under a corporate mission, "providing products and services that connect people to ICT with Leading-edge technology". The subsidiary was established in 2003 as an aggregation of the leading-edge technologies of the Fujitsu organization. Also the company is well known for its proficiency in printers and paper money processing modules: company products can be found on ATMs, subway ticket machines and so on. It remains a technological innovator and currently generates 70% of the Asian regional sales of the Fujitsu Frontech group.
Around 2015, price competition began to intensify within an emergence of China-made ATMs. Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai responded with an expansion drive, extending its sales network throughout China and developing innovative new products, including change machines (bill changers) and small ATMs for farming villages. Necessary to support such advances were changes within the Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai itself, prompting top managers to set about reinforcing the company’s internal structure and strengthening its governance system. And here, with an eye toward streamlining internal workflow, raising efficiency and gaining a firm grip on cash control, management turned its attention to systems capable of supporting such improvements.

Two points were the main determinants of Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai’s decision to implement CWS for its expense claim processing system.

1. CWS substantially cuts administrative costs by enabling paperless processing, facilitating the approval process, and reducing the need for rework/ reconfirmation.

Expense settlement of Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai was a “paper-intensive” process. CWS does away with that. Necessary information is mandatory to be input when filing an expense form. Input controls prevent mis-entry, greatly reducing both the need for manual rework and the time required for superior approval. This significantly reduces the man-hour requirements of the expense claim process, from initial filing to final approval, and substantially speeds up process flow.

2. CWS uniformly applies internal rules and, through detailed traceability, strengthens governance.

COMPAN integrates know-how learned from the work practices of numerous companies in a variety of industries. It can accommodate the specific workflow of a specific company without customization by abundant standard function. It can also be flexibly modified to accommodate changes in company work procedures and easily set to operate in strict accordance with company rules. Both can be done without additional cost. Also, COMPANY can keep a historical record of all information it handles, thereby enabling a supervisor to check the reimbursement application records of his or her subordinates in detail. Was this expenditure justified? – COMPANY makes it much easier to find out. 

COMPANY also supports the expense application and approval process via the web, providing an anytime/anyplace flexibility that makes it easier for employees to follow the rules.

We at Works Applications will continue to assist Fujitsu Frontech Shanghai in its efforts to raise work efficiency and strengthen governance in support of its China business expansion drive. 

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Works Applications
Public Relations(Global: Jackie Liu (Yan Liu), Kyoko Kado; China: Yalin Hong) 

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