Mitsuba Group Selects AI WORKS as Global Talent Management Solution for 53 Group Companies across 18 Countries

~ Adopting AI-infused enterprise software embedded with deep knowhow to support large global enterprises ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter "WAP"), today announced the purchase of its artificial intelligence (AI)-infused enterprise system suite AI WORKS by Mitsuba Corporation (Headquarters: Kiryu-shi, Gunma Prefecture; President and Chief Operating Officer: Yuichi Nagase; hereinafter "Mitsuba"). Mitsuba plans to adopt “AI WORKS HR Core”, “AI WORKS Talent Management”, and “AI WORKS Recruiting” as its new global human resources system.

Strengthening collaboration between the global network after 70th year since its founding

logo_mitsubaMitsuba offers high quality hardware product globally with special focus on auto electrical component. With its cutting-edge motor, control, and mechanism technologies, the company offers sense of security and safety to its end users. Mitsuba is a company with a long history and has welcomed its 70th anniversary in 2016. Also, the company has expanded into 18 countries globally with approximately 70% of the total revenue coming from outside of Japan. In its "Mitsuba Vision 2024", the company has listed "global communication" as its key focus to strengthen collaboration between the global network.

Visible HR –HR System that supports strategic talent management, training, and promotion focused on individual employees instead of intuition and experience based decisions

In its "Mitsuba Vision 2024", Mitsuba is pushing for “Global talent management and governance” and “On-site training and promotion”. Which is to retain more talents who can perform advanced level of operations to dramatically improve overall productivity. In the process, the company has decided to let go of its traditional approach in training and promotion based on limited intuitions and experiences. With the goal of providing each individual employee maximum growth opportunities, the company sought for a system that could accumulate and provide unified talent database across the globe while standardizing and streamlining HR policies in each country.

Advanced global talent management with AI WORKS
AI + Global employee collaboration + Operational knowhow of large global enterprises

The following four aspects were key in selecting AI WORKS as Mitsuba’s global human resources system.

1.  Hassle-free utilization of talent information with AI supported data collection and extraction

In addition to general employee information such as personal information and transfer announcement, AI WORKS accumulates and utilizes diverse talent information. This is evaluation from himself/herself and other colleagues, frequency of communication with superiors, colleagues, and other departments within AI WORKS’ chat tool. Also, integrated profile information can be extracted from business social network such as LinkedIn and be utilized as talent information by users.
AI WORKS makes it easy to search from enormous amount of data and utilize them in real time. As it has been developed based on operation by customers, it is an optimum search tool for users to operate their business, such as when they find information on transfers during specific time frame or employees under specific working arrangement. In addition, AI makes suggestions based on the operation performed before such as search conditions and final report output. Also, users can let AI search for ideal talent for certain tasks by utilizing AI WORKS Bot(*1, *2).

2. Auto translation that eliminates language barrier in system usage between employees across the globe

Auto translation function enables to share and utilize information across countries without language barriers. For instance, human resource department and management at headquarters and each regional office can look into and utilize information on AI WORKS accumulated daily through employee usage across the world with help of auto translation. This powerful feature enables organizations to overcome geographical and language barrier and collect information more holistically. Thus, organizations can find hidden talents within and utilize their talent resources fully across the globe.

3. Capacity to incorporate leading global talent management practices from global enterprises

AI WORKS has incorporated leading global talent management practices such as succession planning, skill management, and e-learning as standard functions from WAP’s major global enterprise customers. Thus, clients can incorporate global leading practices and implement high level of talent management within their organizations. In addition, security measurement that are critical for large enterprises such as position based security setup and viewing settings are provided, enabling organizations to practice safe information management and utilization.

4. Capacity to unify, standardize, and streamline human resource systems across 53 group companies, and comply with compliance and operational change within different countries and group companies

AI WORKS enables organizations to unify the entire IT systems and review each group company’s operations and improve efficiency. The system also allows each group company to maintain autonomy by accommodating each configuration needs with standard functions. In addition, existing functions are constantly improved and new functions are added based on new compliance requirement and trends in different countries with no additional cost. Thus, AI WORKS offers a stable business platform for organizations.

With machine learning technology dedicated for human resources, operational knowhow of supporting global talent management and operations of large enterprises across 52 countries, WAP will continue to expand its AI WORKS HR system suite to approximately 50 other major auto component manufacturers in Japan that are equivalent to Mitsuba.

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