WAP Ranks First in the Best Workplaces 2017 Survey Conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute Japan

170210_1.jpgWorks Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) has been ranked first in the Best Workplaces 2017 Survey (over 1,000 employee category) conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute Japan.

In pursuit of objective report card for our leaders

How can we provide an environment that attracts and retains talented people? Since our founding, WAP has emphasized multi-faceted reviews of working conditions. Beginning with weekly and monthly Work Reports, employees can communicate directly with executives about what is happening on the front line. Also “administrative staff members,” who have a mission to report directly to CEO, support the attractive work environment. However, as our workforce continued to grow, we intend to supplement such internal information gathering more with an objective “report card”. Thus we decided to ask theGreat Placeto Work InstituteJapanfor its assistance as a third party. WAP underwent its firstGreat Placeto Work (GPTW) survey in 2007 and, in every one of the ten years to follow, was ranked among the Best Workplaces inJapan.

Cycle that has been bringing forth rewarding and worthwhile working experience for the past decade

In this company, " Best Workplaces " is defined as the environment in which all employees are able to keep challenging and be eager to break incredible difficulties. We hire eager, ambitious people and give them plenty of responsibility from the start. Failure is certainly not something for which to blame a hardworking employee, but rather a lesson for success, an opportunity for debate, action, and, eventually, a breakthrough. Here, by duly recognizing and rewarding those who led us to this success, we instill a spirit of challenge. Therefore, as the next challenge arises, the cycle repeats, we strive together toward our next success, we all take pride and satisfaction in what we do.

GPTW assessment of WAP’s corporate culture
Trait ①】Newly hired employees are given challenging work.
 GPTW assessment: Employees are treated fairly, without regard to age. (98%)
Trait ②】Failures are tolerated so as to foster a spirit of challenge.
 GPTW assessment: Top and middle management understand/accept that failure is part of the process of work advancement. (96%)
Trait ③】Processes are fairly assessed, rewards are fairly distributed.
 GPTW assessment: Compensation accords with work performance. (86%)


Ever-evolving field that excites

WAP has been placing much emphasis on global hiring in recent years, such that roughly 40% of our workforce is comprised of employees possessing other than Japanese citizenship. In addition to that, our products are currently supporting customers’ business operations in 52 countries and have continued to advance on the global front since we opened our first overseas office in 2012. Yet, no matter how many employees we have at how many offices, we want all the employees all over the world to consider their jobs to be worthwhile and satisfying.

【Works' culture that invents innovation】
“Come Back Pass”
WAP gives a pass for retiring employee to come back regardless of the reason of retirement. Some employees who used the pass gained new knowledge and experience through their challenge, for example starting their own business and pursuing academic/business advancement. What they gained are shared with other employees and contribute to the company itself.

“Process-based Multifaceted Evaluations”
There is more to evaluation than short-term results. All the process of failure and success are evaluated by related team members of different sections and different levels, which guarantees the fairness of the appraisal.

“Skunk Works”
Employees have their tasks/assignments, of course, but they also given roughly 20% of their working time to pursue other interests not directly related to those responsibilities. By this, they are given the time to think freely, to innovate, to pursue and develop ideas on their own.

We offer a “flex” system, under which employees are free to come and go as they wish. That is, as long as an employee produces results and demonstrates self-responsibility, that individual is allowed to arrange a working schedule as he or she sees fit.

“Supporting the professional advancement of women”
We offer several programs to support working women. One is “WithKids”, an in-house daycare space where parents can have a lunch/dinner with their children. Another is “Works Milk Club”, which provides support for women from early pregnancy through the primary school graduation of their youngest child. 

【About the Great Place to Work Institute】
170210_2.jpgGreat Place to Work Institute is a global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Via major media outlets, it publishes rankings of companies and organizations deemed to exceed certain standards. Its Best Companies lists, most notably, are based on surveys more than five million employees working at 7,000 companies in approximately 50 countries. With regards to theUnited States, the institute annually publishes its findings in the January issue of FORTUNE, with a prominent ranking there regarded by many as the badge of a truly first-rate company.


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