Nishikawa Rubber in Shanghai to implement COMPANY to improve work efficiency and personnel management of the manufacturing facilities

Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter, WAP China), the Chinese subsidiary of Works Applications Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, WAP), today announced that the Chinese subsidiary of Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nishikawa Sealing System Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; Director: Hideki Ogawa; hereinafter, Nishikawa Rubber Shanghai) is to implement its human resources management system suite, COMPANY HCM&Payroll and COMPANY Attendance Management.

Moving into the second phase of globalization - 80 years since founding with operations in eight countries

20170206_1.pngNishikawa Rubber Group is a major manufacturer of weatherstripping for automotive door seals and has accumulated deep knowledge and technology for the product development with materials such as rubber since its founding in 1934. With the expertise, the company has been actively expanding the business outside of Japan with operations in eight countries. The expansion effort started with its first oversea venture into the United States in 1986. In Nishikawa Rubber Group’s 2020 Vision, the company aims to enter the second phase of its globalization effort to further expand and enrich its business portfolio.

Aiming for an advanced production facility with increased productivity

Given the rise of labor cost in China, it was crucial for Nishikawa Rubber Shanghai to increase the production efficiency and quality of its large-scale manufacturing facilities in China. In addition, stabilization of production line work while improving efficiency was an urgent task as previous operations were heavily dependent on specialized individuals, therefore creating inefficiency especially in case of employee absence. It was crucial for the company to implement a system with extensive experience in supporting the manufacturing industry and capable of both improving work efficiency and personnel management of the manufacturing facilities.

 COMPANY - for advanced plant HR management and work efficiency improvement  -Enterprise software with extensive experience in supporting large scale manufacturing facilities-

The following three aspects were key in Nishikawa Rubber Shanghai’s decision to implement COMPANY as its new HR system. 

1. Operational knowhow from supporting over 400 major Japanese manufacturing companies
By implementing COMPANY, Nishikawa Rubber Shanghai will be able to automate complex operations such as shift scheduling and reduce operation hours and errors. In addition, the system will help the company improving its personnel management by utilizing accurately documented time and attendance data and looking into knowhows of over 400 leading manufacturers who are WAP’s customers.

2. Flexibility and functional capacity to support complex work shift of manufacturing sites
The system can be utilized long term without personalization of knowhow within individual specialists as it does not require any customization.

3. High quality maintenance support
The system is always up-to-date with compliance requirement and can be regularly updated based on internal requirement such as change in HR policies. In addition, clients are constantly introduced to the latest practice and new functions developed based on and leading beyond the trend. All of the services are provided with no additional cost.

Consistent high-quality service from sales to maintenance to support and withstand the growth of large scale Chinese enterprises

In China, many large to extra scale enterprises exist ranging in size from more than 5,000 to 50,000 employees. As a result, Chinese companies are facing problems in data linkage and maintenance burden from multiple system usage within group companies. WAP's enterprise software solution AI WORKS and COMPANY offers a single system solution that can support the entire enterprise and offer additional system configurations based on the company’s growth and compliance change with no additional cost.

In addition, WAP implements direct service model of sales, implementation, and maintenance rather than offering through third parties to maintain its service level. Thus, enterprise customers in China can receive high level of service and avoid experiencing miscommunications and misunderstandings during the time of purchase to implementation and maintenance with its vendors who are often third-party distributors. WAP will continue to support improving information investment efficiency of Chinese enterprises.


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