Taiyo Life Insurance Migrates to COMPANY Real Estate Management System Suite On Time

- Works Applications’ Unique Implementation Method Successfully Brings Project to Completion -

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) , today announced successful migration of its “COMPANY Real Estate Management” (CRE), “COMPANY Assets Management” and “COMPANY on Cloud Managed Service” into Taiyo Life Insurance Company’s system platform (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Katsuhide Tanaka; hereinafter “Taiyo Life”)

Negative impact on operational efficiency with personalized and complex operational flow

20161014_2.pngTaiyo Life is a leading insurance provider for death, medical and nursing insurance. As of fiscal year 2016 (ended March 2016), the company has 7.848 trillion yen in total assets, including approximately 120 rental properties (buildings) from which it generates investment income. Properties were previously managed under systems developed more than two decades ago. Data was scattered and operational flow was increasingly complex due to personalized operations, which caused increasing difficulty to accommodate new requirements such as handling new contract types and managing, analyzing, and processing transactions/balances in a timely manner. To resolve these issues, Taiyo Life has switched to CRE, the only real estate management package system suite for large enterprises with standardized functions that support full range of real estate rental and management operations (from lease contracting to everything beyond).

Migration into new system suite completed on time

20161014_1.png Taiyo Life completed the entire real estate / asset management system migration project on time within one year and a half time frame since the project kicked off in April 2014. Two factors contributed to the successful migration. One is utilization of WAP’s unique implementation methodology, SPEC. With SPEC, WAP helps customers to set project parameters – from project planning, business requirement, configuration set up, to verification methods – in advance to implement standardized operational flows accumulated as deep know-how within COMPANY. This enables customers to grasp the final operational flow in advance, therefore minimizing reconfiguration during the implementation process. The other contributing factor is COMPANY’s product concept. COMPANY incorporates all functional needs from large enterprises as standard functions, therefore eliminating the need for add-ons. 

- Project Owner Comment -
Nobutoshi Giga, Board Member and Executive Officer, Taiyo Life Insurance Company
Real estate management system for large enterprises did not exist so far. I was on the belief that add-ons are absolute necessity (for large real estate enterprises). I am very pleased that with WAP’s help, we were able to get our system up and running on time without any add-ons or substantial reconfigurations. We hope WAP will continue to support us in the future to further improve our operations.

Taiyo Life has substantially increased its operational efficiency by systemizing tasks that have been conducted manually or excessively personalized. In addition, operations are simplified and data reliability has increased extensively as the system brings transparency in property and contractual data with streamlined data linkage across departments, eliminating the need for manual error correction due to data disconnection.

Taiyo Life and WAP will continue to collaborate together to improve Taiyo Life’s operational efficiency and increase its real estate management business profitability with support of COMPANY.

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Kyoko Kado,Chuzen kin
Email: publicrelations@worksap.com

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