Senshukai, one of the major mail‐order firms in Japan adopts “COMPANY” as their next HR system

~Aiming to be the company that women of the future continue to choose~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce that we have received orders for “COMPANY HCM & Payroll”, “COMPANY Workforce Self-Service”, and “COMPANY Attendance Management” from Senshukai Co., Ltd. (Osaka head office: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture; President and Representative Director: Hiroyuki Hoshino; hereinafter "Senshukai") and have started operation of the systems.

20161017.pngSenshukai is a company that is expanding beyond its mainstay “Belle Maison” general mail-order division which centered on the various stages of a woman's life such as marriage, childbirth, etc. In recent years, brand strength reinforcement has been positioned as a priority measure, and expansion into multiple special brands corresponding to age groups and lifestyles has been proceeding centered on the “Belle Maison” Days private brand launched in 2015. On the other hand, because the human resources system had been developed and maintained in-house over a long period of time, maintenance was becoming difficult and it was also difficult for the system to keep pace with organizational restructuring and institutional reform that was accelerating together with group diversification. In addition, there was an urgent need for human resource development and utilization that would strengthen sales capabilities by leveraging product development capabilities and EC in the intensifying competition of the mail-order field.

Adoption of "COMPANY" to support accelerating company growth

The following three points were highly evaluated by Senshukai in the adoption of "COMPANY":

  1. Since the functions considered necessary in a variety of business categories are included as standard features, it is possible to take advantage of the best practices for human resources operations in major companies. In addition, since there is no need to develop add-ons, etc., maximum advantage can be taken of the package benefits.
  2. Since it is possible to comply with law revisions or changes in the external environment through free-of-charge upgrades and parameter settings, compliance to various changes can be achieved quickly. In addition, it is possible to reduce the personnel involved in human resource system maintenance and development, and shift them to planning tasks in the human resources department such as drafting personnel policies for the development of human resources.
  3. With development capabilities to respond rapidly to law revisions and technological innovations as well as WAP original maintenance support (guarantee maintenance/service), optimization of tasks and systems can be promoted even after introduction. Plus, through activities such as user committees*, etc., opinions and information about specific utilizing methods can be shared among users, which can be expected to enable taking advantage of human resources knowhow.

Toward an organization that can plan products and services for the diverse lifestyles of women

The lifestyles of women are becoming ever more diversified, with women who work, women who raise children, women who raise children while working, etc. Through "COMPANY", Senshukai will promote even more strongly than in the past the creation of organizations and development of human resources that can plan products and services to meet the needs of these diversifying women.
Furthermore, WAP will continue to support the growth of Senshukai through system infrastructure.

※ About user committees

Membership organizations that aim for mutual growth and the synergistic effects of improved “COMPANY” functions and increased customer efficiency through the exchange of opinions and sharing of information among users themselves.

<Main activities>
Annual Conferences
Meetings in which member companies gather together and exchange their case studies, and where WAP provides them with the latest information.
Subcommittees, Symposiums
Gatherings where the subject matter is "COMPANY" product functions or themes of high interest, with discussions including the attendance of product developers or the sharing of information among member companies.
Issuance of newsletters
Newsletters that are issued periodically containing introduction of "COMPANY" case studies from member companies, interviews with developers, etc. and useful information related to the actual use of "COMPANY".

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