METI Recognizes WAP AI-infused ERP System with the FY2016 METI Minister’s Award for Contributions to the Promotion of Informatization

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) , today announced that it has been formally recognized by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) for the development and global introduction of the Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter “AI”) infused enterprise system suite, “AI WORKS”. This recognition takes the form of the FY2016 METI Minister’s Award (corporate sector) for Contributions to the Promotion of Informatization.

AI-infused next-generation enterprise software supports innovative new ways of working

AI WORKS, the AI-infused next-generation enterprise system, debuted in December 2015, It predicts user needs and suggests the next operation based on operational log data analysis and improves efficiency. Also, it integrated productivity tools and covers the whole series of related tasks—data inputting, processing, outputting, sharing—and thus eliminates the need for separate applications for each.
Additionally, AI WORKS dramatically eliminate routine tasks through its dependable input prediction and automatic data entry such as receipts with image processing. For instance, the system scans receipts as PDF or captured images via smartphone, necessary date can be automatically maps and input accordingly.  
This frees up busy businesspersons for other tasks, releasing him or her from the keyboard to think, to be creative, to communicate.
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for fundamental reforms in the way that people work. Through the utilization of AI WORKS developed with its cutting edge technology, flexibility and creativity, WAP will continue to support dramatical change of work. 

 Assessment of award committee members

WAP has developed AI WORKS, a revolutionary enterprise software that breaks away from the traditional relational database approach in favor of NoSQL (Not-only SQL) cloud distributed database technology. With its AI capability, AI WORKS learns from its users and also provides them with an outstanding user experience through its unprecedented 0.1 second response time. We also highly assess that WAP was the first company in the world to launch such a product, thus securing a solid footing in the global market for that and other enterprise software.

20161005_1.jpg 20161005_2.jpg
Award presentation by METI Parliamentary Vice Minister Takumi Ihara  

Award for Individual Contributions to the Promotion of Informatization
This award recognizes individuals, corporations, or other entities that are deemed to have played a leading role in or have made some outstanding contribution to the research & development of high-level information processing technologies, to the nurturing of skilled IT personnel, to the introduction/implementation of IT at late adopters, to the assurance of information security, or to the promotion of some other such activity pertaining to informatization.
The award has been presented every October since 1972 in conjunction with Informatization Month*. This FY2016 presentation marks the 45th such conferral. 

* Informatization Month
Informatization Month is jointly organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It has been held each October—“Informatization Month”—since 1972 and is intended to be a period over which Japan is to conduct a variety of events and other activities to promote information technologies toward the ultimate goal of creating a wealthier and more affluent society.


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