First University in Japan to utilize AI into operational systems University and Operational Reforms with AI

Standardizing and streamlining corporate operations with big data analysis and machine learning

Kindai University (Higashiosaka City, Osaka) is to become the first university in Japan to apply artificial intelligence (AI) for university and operational reform. The university has decided to implement AI-infused enterprise system AI WORKS from Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), aiming for project completion by April 2019, gradually migrating its existing systems.

Key project goals

● Utilize AI to collect, analyze, and learn from big data collected from operations to standardize and streamline work processes
● Suggest and reform operations based on big data (e.g., mental health checkups)
● Focus on enforcing research findings’ application to the society by improving operational efficiency

Project overview

Kindai University aims to standardize and improve efficiency of its operations, included its affiliated hospitals, by consolidating disconnected operational systems (human resource management, payroll, financial management, etc.) into one with AI-infused AI WORKS.
Specifically, the system will apply AI to collection, analysis, and machine learning of work-related “big data,” thereby simplifying data inputting, visualizing financial situations in real time, and streamlining expenditure management process such as research and travel expense. In addition, some of the other anticipated benefits include new operational flow suggestions with AI and utilization of attendance analysis for work/life balance, work environment improvement, and mental health checkups. Since AI WORKS is completely operated from the cloud, it also reduces maintenance and operational costs from owning hardware.
The university aims to free up its resources through university and operational reforms by reducing repetitive administrative tasks with AI WORKS, therefore enhancing student services and facilitating the application of research findings for the benefit of society at large.


AI WORKS is the world’s first AI-infused ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) * system to suggest entirely new ways of working by AI-supported auto-analysis and machine learning. Through collection, learning, and analysis of vast amount of user log data, AI WORKS learns to predict next operations and offer suggestions. It improves work efficiency by eliminating routine work and empowering each employee by prompting decision making from the ground level.

* ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): A process by which an enterprise manages and deploys its various resources (human resources, capital, facilities, materials, information, etc.) in a planned manner to improve work efficiency and optimize the management decision

System image

・Proposal of optimal talent management strategy based on analysis of transfer record, work competency, employee self report, etc.
・Promotion of organizational and work-style reform based on attendance data analysis
・Automatic inputting such as receipts with image processing to extract information (cost, date, etc.).
・Proposal of new operations based on past budgetary results, talent cost, employment plans, etc.

List of AI WORKS modules to be implemented

“AI WORKS HR Core”, “AI WORKS Talent Management”, “AI WORKS Recruiting”, AI WORKS Payroll”, “AI WORKS Attendance Management”, “AI WORKS Financials & Strategy”, “AI WORKS Expense / AI WORKS Treasury”, “AI WORKS Asset”, “AI WORKS Purchase”,  “AI WORKS Accounts Payable”, “AI WORKS Accounts Receivable”,“AI WORKS Enterprise Collaboration”

Kindai University: World’s leading educational institution

Kindai University continually gathers attention for its contributions to regional growth and development through vigorous industrial/academic collaboration under its founding principles of “learning for the real world” (i.e., the world’s first successful attempt at bluefin tuna fish farming, together with the opening of a seafood restaurant to serve its produce) and “nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence” to develop people willing and able to contribute to the society.
The university is known for overturning conventional aspects of the academic world with innovative approach such as: Japan’s first fully web-based admission applications, online textbook selling through, issuances of diplomas at convenience stores through partnership with NTT West; and setting up a portal site that allows parents to check on their children’s attendance via PCs and smartphones.
This spirit of innovation has found widespread support among students, both enrolled and prospective. For the 2014 academic year, Kindai University received the most number of general exam applications than any other higher educational institutions in Japan other than Tokyo University. There were 119,915 applicants for the latest academic year through general exam application, more than any other university in Japan for three years consecutively. 

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