WAP Debuts AI WORKS Financial Management System Suite Package for Major Construction Companies

- Kajima Adopts AI WORKS; Next Financial Management System Suite Infused with AI -

Works Applications Co., Ltd. Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”), today announced that Kajima Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Yoshikazu Oshimi; “Kajima”) is to implement its artificial intelligence (hereinafter “AI”) infused enterprise system, AI WORKS’ as Kajima’s next Financial Management system suite.

 Innovating the work within all major companies with AI

Since AI WORKS’ debut in December 2015, the AI-infused enterprise software, WAP has been working on innovating the work with the accumulated business knowhow from over 1,200 enterprises and its cutting edge technology. With its "no-customization" product concept that offers standard package solution to all companies from all industries, WAP has been reinforcing its product lineup through industry surveys and continual function development and enhancement.

 Offering the first Financial Management system suite package for major construction companies

WAP has conducted a unique survey focusing on financial management system package for construction companies as part of its industry survey. The survey has revealed that there was no software package that could accommodate both unique requirement from large enterprises (i.e. hierarchical organizational structure, standardized/automated processing of vast amount of data) as well as from the construction industry (i.e. revenue management, joint venture management, and partner company order management). Kajima has been looking into revamping its financial management systems with updated technology just around the same time. It was preferred by Kajima to select a package system that did not require additional customization to make sure that post implementation maintenance and functional enhancement could be managed with less add-ons. Kajima decided on AI WORKS as it fulfills these criteria.


 Aiming to become the standard solution for construction accounting - Construction Industry specific operations to be generalized and implemented -

In addition to the existing functionalities for the construction industry, WAP is looking into further strengthening its offering by welcoming Kajima as its first client user. AI WORKS is the first AI-infused enterprise software that has enabled a radically new way of working by auto-analytics and machine learning. It predicts user needs and suggests the next operation based on analyzation and learning of the accumulated operational log data. Kajima is aiming to improve its data accuracy and operational speed by reducing extensive amount of data entry within its accounting operations. In addition, Kajima aims to strengthen its overall group management by creating cooperative operational systems with its group companies with AI WORKS as its foundation.

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WAP aims to continue to support enterprises through its various transformations with AI WORKS, including the construction industry which is often exposed to extensive market change. 

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