Seijo Ishii to Adopt AI-Infused Enterprise Software, AI WORKS Financial Management System Suite

- Artificial Intelligence to Raise Productivity and Support High Value Workstyle -

[Translation of news release in Japanese]

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced that SEIJO ISHII CO., LTD. (Headquarters:Yokohama,KanagawaPrefecture; President: Akihiko Hara; hereinafter “Seijo Ishii”) has selected AI WORKS Financial Management System Suite as its new consolidated financial management system (Japanproduct name: HUE).


20160913_1.jpgSeijo Ishii operates the Seijo Ishii chain of supermarkets with focus on high quality. The chain operates in a multifunctional business system which includes manufacturing, importing, wholesaling, retailing and food service. In the process of pushing for business diversification, the company has attained growth in both revenue and profit in the past seven years consecutively, most recently reporting sales revenue of more than ¥69 billion.
Seijo Ishii was looking for a system platform capable of supporting rapid growth and accommodating business changes flexibly. The company selected AI WORKS as its new integrated financial management system to reform its work processes to support its unique growth strategy.

Maximizing work efficiency with AI, creating a foundation for continued revenue and profit growth

With concept of “providing convenience to end users and eliminating routine work,” AI WORKS Financial Management System Suite offers full range of functionalities to support operations in the areas of but not limited to accounting, financial management, AP/AR, etc.Seijo Ishii puts extensive effort in refining its product lineup and developing original products. Its business partners and processes range in great varieties therefore resulting in various formats and kinds in invoices, languages, and currencies. 

20160913_2.pngConventionally, all invoices had to be interpreted and inputted manually. With AI WORKS, operations become much simpler and easier as the system scans and analyzes the texts, and automatically maps and inputs the data accordingly. The system will offer suggestions to unmapped data. The operator simply has to select the appropriate suggestion. Since AI WORKS continues to learn from the past operations, it completely eliminates inefficiencies.
By maximizing operational efficiency with artificial intelligence supported auto-analysis and learning, and shifting into faster and higher quality management with visualized financial data and analytics, the system promotes high value workstyle.
Works Applications will continue to support Seijo Ishii in its efforts to build a foundation for continued growth in revenue and profit to realize its growth strategy.


AI WORKS is a next generation enterprise software that offers unprecedented user experience and new approach to operations with its distributed high-speed processing and artificial intelligence supported big data analysis. We believe that information should no longer be inputted or collected. Instead, information should be selected. The system learns from its user and processes operations automatically. AI WORKS suggests appropriate information to its users within 0.1 second, a time frame which humans perceive as instantaneous. AI WORKS frees people from cumbersome tasks and provides time to think and space to breathe.

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Hiromi Kaneda, Chuzen Kin, Kyoko Kado

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