WAP To Open "WithKids", An In-House Childcare Facility

~ Recruitment of childcare staff starts with offering of top compensation package ~

[Translation of a news release in Japanese]

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) , today announced its plan to open "WithKids", a childcare facility operated by WAP, in its headquarters in Tokyo on December 14th, 2016. The purpose of the facility is to allow diversifying ways of work styles therefore allowing individual employees to work in their best conditions. Along with the announcement, WAP has started the recruitment of founding childcare staff members.

A New Approach to Ideal Childcare Designed by WAP Employees

20160630_1.pngAs one of the economic growth strategies of Abenomics, the “Act to Advance Women’s Success in their Working Life” came into force on April 1, 2016 to encourage the employment and active promotion of women, with new obligations for companies to formulate action plans including the appointment of female executives, etc. There has been an urge particularly to develop flexible childcare environment that can adapt to various home environment, childcare needs, and individual working styles to support and maintain motivation for employees with children. So far, WAP has been actively building a childcare environment that supports active promotion of women, such as offering a childbirth and childcare support program called "Works Milk Club". As an extension of such effort, WAP has decided to offer an in-company childcare space "WithKids".

"WithKids" is a company childcare system designed and managed by employees with concerns and interests in the topic. The main feature is, instead of hiring an outside childcare service, the operation of "WithKids" is performed in-house to achieve an ideal childcare environment that places priority on the safety and security of children while enabling employees to continue to focus on work.

“WithKids” program significantly reduces the worries and burdens associated with parenting while working. There is no age limit on childcare admittance. Temporary and convalescent childcare that is often rejected by general childcare facilities is also offered as part of the service. In addition, WAP’s flextime system provides new possibility to childcare within workplace by enabling parents to spend as much time as possible with their kids such as through commuting together during non-rush hours or having meals together.


Offering top compensation for childcare staff members 

Since its founding, WAP has been putting emphasis on empowering its employees. Childcare professionals are extremely important as they are involved in critical period of children’s development. Because of this belief, WAP strives to provide exciting working environment for childcare staff members by offering top compensation* and welcome them as part of WAP’s community to foster development of new childcare system within workplace.
WAP strives to promote internal understanding and support about parenting by creating a workplace where both childcare staff members and service users can positively impact one another while every employee has an opportunity to contribute.
*WAP offers monthly salary of 300,000 yen, the highest compensation among job openings for childcare staff in their 20's. (According to “Hoikushibank!” : http://www.hoikushibank.com/  As of June 2016)

"WithKids" Concept

  • The facility accepts same -day registration for temporary childcare.
  • The facility has everything necessary for childcare. Parents are able to commute without having to bring anything.
  • Employees can have lunch together with their children in the company. 
  • There will be one-day teaching by employees with diverse nationalities and background. This will help nurturing children to think independently.
  • The company will organize various events such as excursions, Christmas parties, etc. for everyone to participate.
  • There will be parenting consultation and parent workshops.

Outline of “WithKids”(Planned)

・Name:                           WithKids
・Location:                       Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (WAP headquarters)
・Start of operation:         December 14th, 2016
・Types of childcare:         Monthly childcare, temporary childcare (same-day registration possible) etc.
・Facility type:                 Separate rooms for children age groups: younger than 1 year old, 1 year old, and 2 years old or older; Play area; Beds for children who are ill; Milk room; Infant toilet; Shower; Storage space; Washing machine; Office; etc.
・Childcare age limit:        Preschool-age children
・Childcare capacity:         19 children
・Childcare time:              8:00 to 20:30
・Childcare content:         Singing, listening to stories, painting, handcraft, English, development checks, programming, toilet training, meals, exercise, gymnastics, excursions, various seasonal events, etc.
・Target users:                 WAP Group employees (Can also be used by employees on parental leave and by male employees)
・Management style:        In-house management (outside of licensing requirements)

About "Works Milk Club"

"WAP Milk Club" program was designed to support work/life balance for employees returning to work after giving birth and child care. Even though labor laws for women were developed inJapan, such as the enactment of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law in 1985 and the Childcare Leave Law in 1991, etc., the idea of "a woman should stay in home and take care of children" still remained as popular perception, therefore leaving work environment underdeveloped for working parents. The program was designed by a group of WAP’s female employees who gathered voluntarily, with an emphasis on "creating a system that enables working moms to enjoy work while having the capacity to be present with their children”. The system provides support in stages for approximately 12 years from pregnancy discovery, child birth, to elementary school graduation.

※ Features of "Works Milk Club"

  • Special cash bonus upon returning to work
  • Ability to extend childcare leave from the time of discovering pregnancy to the end of April following the child's third birthday
  • Ability to work shorter hours until the child graduates from elementary school
  • Access to work pc and company server from home
  • Special leave when a child who is ill or injured


Media Contact:

Works Applications
Hiromi Kaneda, Chuzen Kin
Email: publicrelations@worksap.com

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