Works Applications Launches AI WORKS in Singapore

Revolutionary product features unveiled

TOKYO, Japan – Works Applications (WAP), the leading enterprise software provider in Japan today announced the launch of AI WORKS in Singapore, a solution that has revolutionized enterprise resource planning (ERP) through the integration of artificial intelligence into key business processes such as human resource management, recruiting, and finance. 

“AI WORKS integrates information from email, spreadsheets, calendars, and other enterprise tools via the cloud so users can collaborate on documents, cutting the amount of time employees spent on data entry in half,” noted Masayuki Makino, CEO of WAP.  “As Singaporean companies look to improve productivity and invest in automation in light of recent announcements by the Singapore government, we believe AI WORKS offers the significant savings in time and resource that will drive the Singapore economy forward. 

“AI WORKS has broken the norm of conventional ERP systems, which are tools to "input" information. We are thrilled about WAP's dedication to speed and convenience. Its unique view component enables information to be pulled into the screen from a database instantaneously. We are impressed with its commitment to continuously improve and its concept of no customization, implementation, and configuration costs. This is a chance for us to revolutionize the way people work and how people perceive work using AI WORKS in the ASEAN region”, comments Mr. Seiichi Yoshikawa, general manager of the IT Planning Department of Sojitz Asia Pte. Ltd., which serves as the ASEAN regional headquarters of 22 subsidiaries across 13 countries of one of the largest global conglomerates in Japan.

The solution drive productivity by predicting data being entered into the system or by automatically pulling numbers from receipts and other documents, streamlining and making the time consuming data entry process more efficient.

“Since 2012, we have demonstrated our commitment to expansion in the Asia region by investing more than $783 million. Our operation in Singapore has grown into over 190 employees within short amount of time,” said Masayuki Makino, CEO of WAP. “AI WORKS uses artificial intelligence to significantly improve user productivity and the way people work. We look forward to unveiling some of our new powerful features first in Singapore.”  


Designed to break away from the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model, AI WORKS is a versatile, cloud-based Enterprise Productivity System (EPS) that improves operational efficiency and reduces manual input. This next-generation offering provides unprecedented speed, artificial intelligence capabilities, and integration of productivity tools. AI WORKS also has a straightforward cost model, which includes any implementation and configuration work required by customers.

About Works Applications

Works Applications, founded in 1996, is Japan’s leading enterprise software provider. Customers consist of more than 1,100 of the largest Japanese organizations from all major industries, including Sapporo Brewery, Takashimaya, Fujitsu, Itochu, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Capcom, Osaka University. Works Applications employs nearly 5,000 people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and Chennai. For more information, please visit

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