WAP China Releases Next-Generation Enterprise Software AI WORKS

AI WORKS receives high praise from exhibition visitors and general manager of exhibition organizer

WORKS APPLICATIONS CHINA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter "WAP China"), the Chinese subsidiary of Works Applications Co., Ltd., today announced the debut of its next-generation enterprise software AI WORKS at the HRoot China Human Resources Service Expo 2016 held on May 5, 2016.

Artificial intelligence reforms how work is done

WAP China, with the philosophy of increasing corporate information investment efficiency (ROI), has been supporting companies increasing their work efficiency. The next-generation enterprise software AI WORKS is equipped with artificial intelligence based on machine learning that is able to support day-to-day operations just like a talented personal assistant. By increasing the efficiency of complex operations, it aims to enable users to perform at work by focusing only on deep thinking, creativity, and decision making.

Achieving higher level of talent management and development through AI WORKS

20160601_1.pngIn addition to increasing the efficiency of regular operations, AI WORKS helps its clients achieving higher level of talent management and development. By utilizing vast amount of unutilized HR data, AI WORKS helps accelerating management decisions. In addition, the system accumulates knowhow through day-to-day operations, therefore enabling it to suggest the next necessary operations and assist decision making. As a result, business knowhow can be transferred to new employees immediately, leading to rapid development of talents. AI WORKS not only improves the efficiency and operation of day-to-day work, but it also helps empowering talents within to strengthen the competiveness of companies.

Comments from visitors at the exhibition about AI WORKS

Mr. Jinfei Shi, Senior Manager, HR Department, Sinochem International Corp.
Although we have a HR system, a lot of routine work still remains. Until now, it was necessary for people to adapt to systems. What I felt amazing was that not only can artificially intelligent AI WORKS improve day-to-day work and its operations, it can also propose what should be done next.

Mr. Yi Zhu, Assistant Accounting Manager, Human Resources Dept., Shimizu Corporation China Co., Ltd.
When I saw AI WORKS, I was impressed by its originality. My perception about enterprise systems has completely changed. I was aware of WAP China before and was especially interested in its no-customization, free-of-charge upgrade concept. After learning about its new product, I definitely want to try it out and experience the new way of work.

Mr. Anson Tang, General Manager of HRoot exhibition organizer, also made the following comment on AI WORKS.
We have been paying close attention to Works Applications for a while now. When I saw the product screens, I felt that it offers high usability and is at a global level. With a track record of implementing in more than 1,100 large organizations, we believe that it is possible to perform a global-level HR management with the system. We think it would be definitely valuable for Chinese companies to use this advanced human resources system. The product has the potential to grow within the China market. We are excited to see it grow and will continue to pay close attention to it.


◆ Overview of HRoot China Human Resources Service Expo 2016
 Date: May 5, 2016 (Thu)
 Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
 Organizer: HRoot


◆Photos from the exhibition and WAP booth

20160601_2.png 20160601_3.jpg 20160601_4.png

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Chuzen Kin, Kyoko Kado
Email: publicrelations@worksap.com

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