“HUE” (Referred as AI WORKS Outside Of Japan) Selected By Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

Aiming To Provide The Best HR System Suite In Japan To Revolutionize Workstyle

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is pleased to announce that Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka-Shi, Osaka; hereinafter "Asahi Broadcasting") has selected HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan) HR series as its next integrated HR management system.


Work style revolutionized with the next-generation enterprise software

ABC_VI.pngWAP’s solution, HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan) was selected by Asahi Broadcasting as its next enterprise software system. Asahi Broadcasting targets the Kinki district in Japan and has been leading the broadcasting industry. The organization was in need of a new HR system suite to strengthen internal governance, improve organizational unity, and execute management strategy effectively as the existing system was becoming outdated.

The key decision point for the new system is not only to renew the system, but to revolutionize the entire work style by implementing a top HR system in Japan that can offer convenience and expandability which is best suited for broadcasting industry. Asahi Broadcasting has chosen HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan) as its best partner to support its “lean in management style” as the company highly regarded the system’s potential to revolutionize people’s approach to work with its capacity for continuous improvement.


Simplifying sophisticated HR operations into easy operations

HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan), incorporating artificial intelligence, suggests the next necessary operation by learning from the past operations. Asahi Broadcasting will utilize the new tool to improve the quality and speed of its existing operations by reviewing each operations. Staff members at Asahi Broadcasting will be freed from the mundane routine work such as data inputting or chart generation, therefore able to focus on the core operations that lead to the establishment of solid human platform necessary for company's growth. Through continuous learning of operations, it provides highly intuitive usability, fast and easy skill transfer, and simplified manuals. Sophisticated HR operations which could only be handled by limited number of poeople can now be simplified and operated by anyone. From reasons above, Asahi Broadcasting is thrilled to implement change to its organization with the new system.


Drastic improvement of operational efficiency through Artificial Intelligence

By adopting the latest cloud technology, HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan) will drastically improve operational efficiency and usability which was impossible with conventional ERP systems before.

The product concept is to “support tasks of each end users just like a personal assistant.” Some of the operations the system supports include variety of application and notification operations and reporting and reviewing of current work situation.

Users can access the system from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, and etc. In addition, the system frees the users from the stress of using enterprise softwares by focusing on usability, taking advantage of the same technology from consumer applications.


By utilizing HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan), Asahi Broadcasting plans to reduce company-wide system workload and experience drastic improvement in efficiency and advancement in workstyle, which was impossible with past ERP systems. WAP will continue to support Asahi Broadcasting to improve its organization and management strategy.


◇  About HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan)

HUE (referred as AI WORKS outside of Japan) utilizes artificial intelligence and suggests a new approach to work with its auto-analysis and auto-learning features. The product revolutionizes the way people work by eliminating routine work and improve efficiency of end users. It aims to improve the operational efficiency of Japanese corporations by eliminating unnecessary operations, maximizing the power of end users to make the best decisions.


◆ About Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

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Asahi Broadcasting Corporation


 March 15, 1951




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Broadcasting and other service related to broadcasting under Japanese broadcasting laws


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