WAP China Begins Sales of AI WORKS in China for Local Japanese Companies

Works Applications China Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; Chairman: Tadashi Ikarugi; hereinafter, WAP China), the Chinese subsidiary of Works Applications Co. Ltd., today announced that it has started sales of its next-generation enterprise productivity software "AI WORKS" in the Chinese market for local Japanese companies from March 2016.

Shift in Chinese Economy Promote Change within Local Japanese Companies

In recent years, the Chinese economy has shifted from an export centric model into one that is driven by domestic demand. Local Japanese companies in China need to adapt to this change of economy by dramatically improving their internal operational efficiencies, while dealing with increased labor costs.

AI WORKS for Operational Efficiency and Local Employees Training

AI WORKS helps local Japanese companies improving their operational efficiencies dramatically by eliminating repetitive routine tasks such as inputting and formatting spreadsheets with its machine learning capability. In addition, transferring knowhow and training new employees have just become much easier with AI WORKS. Over the time, the system observes and learns user behavior based on each specific operations; therefore enabling it to suggest the next necessary action for each operation.

Local Senior Manager of A Major Japanese Manufacturer in China Expresses Excitement for AI WORKS

A senior manager of a major Japanese manufacturer in China has expressed his excitement after watching a demonstration of AI WORKS:

“I am impressed with AI WORKS’ extremely innovative user interface, efficient inputting and formatting utilizing AI, and its capability to display information for management immediately. Clearly, Works Applications has been putting much effort and investment to welcome the next stage for enterprise software. We hope Works will continue to support rapidly changing laws and trends in China.”

Comment from Sekisui Chemical Group in China

20160330_4.pngMr. Noriyoshi Kamiya, who serves as an executive officer of Sekisui Business Associates Co., Ltd. made the following comment on AI WORKS:

“When I saw AI WORKS, I got the impression that the system is easy to use both for its end users and system administrators. We welcome the fact that in China too, there won’t be need for customization with AI WORKS and that implementations and further configurations are all included within maintenance fee. We hope to utilize the service to establish a highly efficient shared service in China.”

Unveiling AI WORKS in China

WAP unveiled AI WORKS for the first time in China at its recent event, "AI WORKS Innovation Tour in Shanghai" on Friday, March 11th, 2016. Tadashi Ikarugi, Chairman of WAP China, stated:

"We aim to support Japanese companies in China with the business knowhow we have accumulated through supporting clients in 22 countries in the Asia / Pacific Ocean area."

◆Photos from AI WORKS Innovation Tour in Shanghai

20160330_1.png 20160330_2.png 20160330_5.png

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