WAP Introduces New Evaluation System “Right Path System” for Emerging Young Leaders

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) is to introduce the Right Path System, a new evaluation system targeting young employees who have newly joined the company to boost growth of new global business leaders.


Young Professionals Can Move Up to Managers as Fast as from Second Year

The Right Path System is a global-standard-level evaluation system that targets young employees below manager class and tracks their growth rate to achieve early promotion. In addition to WAP’s conventional process evaluation, the company has newly developed an evaluation method to effectively measure a person's degree of growth. The system consists of four grades and is conducted every 6 month. Employees who have broken through Grade 4 are immediately given a position in the management class. Regardless of experience or knowledge, employees with high potential are selected and continuously challenged with more difficult missions matching their growth rate and promotion rate. The system enables employees to attain management class and career advancement as soon as from second year after joining the company.

Through the Right Path System, WAP expands the fields of activity of young employees to focus on developing their abilities at an early stage and trains business leaders who can contribute on the global stage.

Naming of the Right Path System

Naming of the system was determined through in-house competition. The name combines the meaning of "the right person in the right place" in which missions are assigned to individuals to match the abilities possessed by individuals and allow them to make maximum use of their abilities together with the "Pass"* concept that WAP has been traditionally implementing.


WAP Seeks to Grow "Innovative Personnel Who Create New Values"

Under the company philosophy of "providing the best workplace for entrepreneurial workers", WAP focuses on creating growth opportunities for entrepreneurial worker who create new values. Recently, as the company strives to become world's top class global technology company, WAP has dramatically increased the number of non-Japanese employees and female employees who possess high potentials. The Right Path System was introduced to boost growth for such employees while respecting their unique personalities.


Process-Oriented Multifaceted Evaluation System

At WAP, instead of imposing quotas to increase short-term results, we have introduced multifaceted process evaluation which evaluates whether or not actions taken have led to essential problem-solving. By allowing sufficient time for employees to consider the optimum methodology by themselves through repeated successes and failures, and also by having evaluation performed not just unilaterally by a superior but also including multifaceted evaluation by colleagues and subordinates with whom they work every day, the validity of the process evaluation is ensured.


*Company Entrance Pass / Comeback Pass

Under the company philosophy of "providing the best workplace for entrepreneurial workers", WAP has been very selective about talents since its founding. A entrepreneurial worker is an innovative employee who can break down existing business and create new value, and WAP aims to be a company where such workers can go beyond the internal company framework and mutually stimulate each other to make use of each individual's abilities to the maximum extent. WAP therefore supports and provides opportunities for such entrepreneurial workers by offering flexibility in its entrance systems such as through Company Entrance Pass and Comeback Pass.

Company Entrance Pass refers to the right to join WAP at any time and is given to people who had made excellent achievements in the Abilities Discovery Internship conducted by WAP. Unlike a general job offer, it is left entirely up to the individual regarding whether or when to exercise such rights, so that they can create their own career design and expand their horizons through studying abroad after graduation or join another companies for a period of time, etc. before joining WAP. In addition, by enabling people to select the company based on a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other, there is a higher matching rate between talents and WAP.

Comeback Pass refers to the right of a former WAP employee to rejoin the company at any time, regardless of the reason for quitting or any activities after quitting. In many cases, for many companies when parting ways there is an attitude of "The person who quit has a different sense of values. We could not work together". Since WAP allows its employees to work freely while righteously challenging and accepting their values without forcing on them, it makes it easy for former employees to come back.

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