Works Applications Announces Tottori Prefecture as HR Solution Customer

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”), today announced that it has been selected to support Tottori Prefecture’s overall human resource operations with its HCM & Payroll, Workforce Self-Service, and Attendance Management systems. All governmental institutions within the prefecture will be managed with the software package: Tottori Governor's Office, Prefectural Council and its various committees (including the Secretariat), Chamber of Commerce, Hospitals Department, Board of Education Secretariat, educational institutions (prefectural schools, elementary and junior-high schools), and the Police Department.

More than 65,000 Hours to be Saved

WAP’s HR software package will allow Tottori Prefecture to improve the following three aspects of its operations:

  1. Centralized management of salary and attendance management data. Each department can now focus on improving services to citizens since work processes will be standardized and streamlined through a single package.
  2. Long term cost reduction through fixed-price maintenance fees. Any future configurations due to external and internal needs will be handled free of additional charge.
  3. Incorporation of best practices. WAP’s HR package solution is comprised of standard functions that are designed to fit into all industries with best practices in mind. These functions have been refined over the years through WAP’s support of over 8000 clients from all industries all over the world. During implementation, clients are not only able to reconstruct their IT systems, but also able to review in depth their work and operations in comparison to other clients.

WAP will continue to support Tottori Prefecture systematically to help the prefecture achieve high-quality governmental services by performing efficient administrative management even under severe fiscal restrictions. WAP strives to continuously improve ROI of local governments in the future.

Media Contact:

Works Applications
Chuzen Kin, Kyoko Kado

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