WAP is Ranked #3 at 9th Great Place to Work Awards in Japan


働きがい2016_1.pngWorks Applications Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masayuki Makino, hereinafter “WAP”), today announced it has been awarded Number 3 in the 2016 Great Place to Work survey (the large company category) carried out by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan (“GPTW”), making it the only company out of those included in the survey to receive a Best Workplaces Award for nine years in a row.

WAP’s strength in creating job satisfaction

The Great Place to Work survey evaluates companies using an employee questionnaire based on five elements that form the universal standard for job satisfaction: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. In this year’s survey, WAP earned increasingly higher scores than last year for each element. The company received particularly high praise from its employees, and the elements which analysis revealed correlate strongly with job satisfaction are as follow.
 ・Pride: Proud of the company's and our accomplishments
 ・Credibility: Anybody can be given the responsibility to take on challenging projects
 ・Respect: The executives respect employees and take care of them
 ・Fairness: All employees are treated equally regardless of title or position
    ・Camaraderie: Able to enjoy working in employee’s own way

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働きがい2016_5.png   働きがい2016_6.png   働きがい2016_7.png   働きがい2016_8.png   働きがい2016_9.png   働きがい2016_10.png  働きがい2016_11.png  働きがい2016_12.png

We feel that these strengths represent the fact that, according to the philosophy of WAP which is consistent since it was founded, employees respect each other and are able to perform to the best of their abilities, and that they truly feel they are adding value to the company, its clients, and society. Therefore, it resulted in receiving the "Best Worksplace Award" in nine years in a row with a top-level reputation. Having this overwhelming advantage, we believe that is why WAP employees have managed to come together as one, under the guidance of the executives, and creatively destruct the conventional business to successfully develop AI Works, the world’s first* artificially intelligent ERP. (*As of June 2015 according to WAP research)

WAP shall henceforth work towards the further enhancement of AI Works and increase sales channels with the aim of becoming a global company that has the power to change the way people work around the world, by putting effort into creating a working environment in which people from various countries who agree with WAP’s strengths can share and discuss ideas actively and bring about innovation.

働きがい2016_13.pngAbout Great Place to Work® Institute
The Great Place to Work Institute is a professional organization active in more than 49 countries throughout the world that performs surveys and analyzes related to workplace motivation, and which publishes lists in leading media of companies or organizations that have achieved a certain level. In the United States, the Great Places to Work ranking is published in Fortune Magazine every January, and being included in the list is considered proof of being a leading company.

What is a Great Place to Work?
The Great Place to Work® Institute defines a Great Place to Work as follow.
"A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.”
The institute uses a unique method in which a company is not evaluated through external parties or how institutionally refined it is, but rather by using the results of a direct survey of employees who work at that company.

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