Next Generation Enterprise Productivity Software, AI WORKS, Debuts in Thailand

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”) today announced start of sales of its next generation enterprise productivity software, AI WORKS, in the Thai market.

Thailand’s Role Shifting with the Establishment of AEC

With the establishment of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), the role of Thailand bases as major manufacturing sites is shifting into ASEAN regional manufacturing headquarters. Increasing number of companies are reallocating production sites within ASEAN region as part of labor-intensive productions are transferred from Thailand to neighboring countries with lower wages. Product parts produced in those countries are then brought back to Thailand to complete the products.

Emerging Needs for IT Investment as Thailand Operations Step into the New Role

Stepping into the new role as regional manufacturing headquarters requires the local business and IT divisions to switch over to more efficient operations through work standardization and systemization and eliminate overdependence on individuals.

AI WORKS Improves Operational Efficiency of Manufacturing Headquarters

AI WORKS improves the overall operational efficiency of the emerging manufacturing headquarters by utilizing the log data of end users and eliminating repetitive routine tasks in human resources and financial management operations.

Highly Anticipated Debut of AI WORKS in Thailand

20160218_1.pngSumitomo Electric Industries Group has expanded into 157 locations within the ASEAN region and 21 locations in Thailand. Local HR manager for S.E.I. Thai Holding Co., Ltd., Masaru Iwakiri expresses his excitement for AI WORKS through the following comments.

"As a HR system user about 10 years ago, I have learned that enterprise systems can be extremely challenging to gain a good command of. AI WORKS has completely changed the game. Everybody can navigate it without any effort. "

He continued with the following comments about WAP's advance into the Thai market:

"Our Thailand base is extremely important for Sumitomo Electric Industries Group as it is one of our biggest manufacturing sites in the ASEAN region. As a group it is crucial for us to optimize our work by strengthening human resources management and compliance that goes beyond countries and regions. At first it was hard to believe when I learned about the business model of AI WORKS. All implementation and configuration costs are included within annual maintenance cost, including unique requirements from each country. We are thrilled about this model since compliance changes frequently and companies require unique functions for their businesses in Thailand more so than other countries. We wish for the success of AI WORKS in the Thai market.”

Aiming to Serve Manufacturing Sites in Thailand

Works Applications has accumulated deep operational knowhow through serving clients in more than 22 countries across Asia and the Pacific region. It aims to expand its service to local companies and subsidiaries of global corporations including major Japanese companies in Thailand with its new product, AI WORKS. AI WORKS marked its debut in Thailand at "Improving Efficiency of Back Office Seminar" organized by Works Applications in Bangkok on Friday, January 22, 2016.

◆Photos From the Seminar

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Media Contact:

Works Applications
Chuzen Kin, Kyoko Kado

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