Toyota Administa Employs COMPANY Software from Works Applications, Enhancing Shared Services for 9,000 Employees in Group Companies

TOKYO – April 22, 2015 – Works Applications, a worldwide leader in Enterprise Resource Planning business management software, today announced that Toyota Administa Corp., will implement Works Applications’ COMPANY HR Solutions, COMPANY Web Service, and COMPANY Attendance/Project Management for shared services for approximately 9,000 employees.

Toyota Administa, a holding company comprised of eight Toyota Group companies (including Tokyo Toyota Motors, and others) in the Tokyo region, is heavily involved in automobile sales and related businesses. Its main focus is shared services for the effective utilization of the business resources of each company and associated work.

Until the adoption of COMPANY, the human resources payroll work for each of the group companies was performed using a software package purchased 15 years ago and the independent servers of each company did not utilize shared services. It was further complicated by increasing costs and labor for the additional development repeatedly required to conform to changing laws or company reorganization, as well as the resulting increased complexity and personnel specialization required over time. 

Toyota Administa considers IT utilization its most important management issue, and took advantage of an opportunity when the license-contract was expiring for its existing software package. It conducted a comparison of new software packages with the aim of improving work procedures through IT utilization together with the flexibility to conform to business environment changes over the medium- and long-term. It selected Works Applications’ COMPANY suite.

Toyota Administa cited the following three significant points for the successful adoption of COMPANY: 

  • The single package could handle human resources-related work for all group companies with their individual systems and work methods. Standardizing and increasing the work efficiency through the system’s use created an environment that enabled the individual group companies to focus on selling automobiles. At the same time, it avoided specialization of the people in charge of human resources and job rotation (handing over of work to successors) could be performed smoothly. 
  • There are no additional charges for modifications to conform to future regulatory changes, such as the “my number” system, etc. Since it is possible to conform to newly-addressed human resource work without additional charges, work improvements can be undertaken continuously without worrying about system-investment costs. 
  • A shared platform can be used by the various companies. Numerous enterprises conduct group-shared work management utilizing COMPANY, with vigorous exchanges of information between user enterprises. In addition, such exchanges are not limited to system utilization methods since there is also an area where user enterprises can exchange information on various themes such as increasing work efficiency, ideal organizational structures, and more. They can also be utilized as live examples.

Works Applications will continue to support the centralized management of Toyota Administa's human resources information and the effective utilization and training of personnel with the aim of increasing the IT return on investment of the Toyota Group. 

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