Works Applications Holds Welcome Ceremony for New Employees

Company celebrates combined Japan and overseas hiring increase of 320 percent over last year.

TOKYO – April 2, 2015 – Works Applications Group, a Tokyo-based worldwide leader in Enterprise Resource Planning business management software, welcomed 547 new employees, a 320-percent increase over last year, in ceremonies held in Japan and Shanghai on April 1, 2015. Works Applications continues to work toward its growth-strategy goal of strong recruitment, with the aim of becoming a global technology company by discovering and nurturing talented personnel who can assume global business roles.

"I want you to let your talents bloom to their utmost, and take up the challenge of 'changing the way the world works,’” said inspired Representative Director and CEO Masayuki Makino. “I won't say ‘Congratulations on your admission to our company.’ Let me instead express my heartfelt appreciation to you for choosing Works Applications Group as the company where you want to work. I think that you are here today because you want to let your own problem-solving talents bloom and you want to explore new paths as global personnel. We are currently tackling our most difficult project, which will become a world-first. Along with these efforts, Works Applications will create a world-class environment. In this high degree of global competition, we expect you to make full use of your own talents and continue the challenge.”


Makino further spoke on two important points: 

1. Changing the way the world works using technology capabilities that no one was able to realize previously:

“What we are currently tackling is continuing to drive technological innovations in enterprise applications by making full use of cutting-edge technologies through innovations that major IT enterprises worldwide have not been able to achieve. Until now, the consumer applications such as Google and iPhone, used by everyone, have brought more convenience and fun to people than compared with a decade ago. However, they were not able to change the way people work. It has been said that work occupies two-thirds of a person's life. That is why we are striving to bring about innovations that will drastically change enterprises and everyone who works at them. Through our technological prowess, we can create a future where people can work more enjoyably and in a more fulfilling way.

“Today, people who have graduated from the world's top universities in the field of technology and who are skilled in computer science have also joined our company as technology specialists. Works Applications Group is a technology company where we all are colleagues and everyone can work together in friendly rivalry. Please continue to take up the challenge of changing the world in an exciting field together with your outstanding colleagues.”

2. The work methods of 20-year-olds will influence your future:

“Works Applications Group is the only company where you can exercise your individual talents to their fullest extent. For that reason, we fully support and motivated employees who desire that kind of environment.

“It has been my experience that world-class personnel place the highest emphasis on being able to let their own talents blossom while they are in their 20s. Because of that, they will not rest from their own growth even for a second, and more than that, will take up the challenge of the kind of work that enables them to surpass their own limits. By doing that, when they reach their late 20s or 30s, they have come to understand that they then have unlimited choices in their own lives. You create your own future.

“For everyone in Japan, compared to your colleagues overseas, please remember that even at this point in time, you are already unique. You have been training and testing your talents from your university days or even from your high-school days. No one can change this fact now, but remember you can strive to do your best from this instant onward.

“Starting today, you will undertake Starter Mission Training (STM). This is the so-called rookie training, and it is similar to the “no teaching” company internship program. However, it is at least 10 times more difficult than the internships. You will be given a series of difficult challenges that cannot be overcome by people who do not strive and critically think things through thoroughly by themselves. Concentrate only on training your own talents and single-mindedly take up the challenge of solving the problems and overcome them as quickly as possible. In that way, even after you have been assigned to a position, you can stand strong and aggressively challenge difficult problems that can change the world. I look forward in eager anticipation to you all becoming global personnel who can compete in a world-class environment.”


About Works Applications

Works Applications was founded in 1996. Its ERP software package system, COMPANY is used by more than 7,000 organizations to support their core businesses. Works Applications holds nearly 35 percent market share in Japan, the largest of any ERP provider in that market. The company serves customers in all major industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation; customers include 1,000 of the largest Japanese brand name companies and subsidiaries. Works Applications employs 3,000+ people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chennai. 

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