WAP's highly popular private forum is held annually, with celebrities from various walks of life taking our podium.

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A new record for event attendance
~COMPANY Forum 2014 comes to an end~

Works Applications holds the business forum "COMPANY Forum" annually with the aim of being of assistance in the construction of management strategies and the solution of problems in day-to-day operations. This year on the milestone of this forum's 10th anniversary, the forum closed on a high note as it set a new attendance record of 17,000 people (including same-day registration).

COMPANY Forum 2014 consisted of a total of 40 sessions held at several locations in the Roppongi Hills area, such as the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

In addition to the announcement of "AI WORKS", our new enterprise application which radically changes Japanese enterprise IT, by our company's CEO Masayuki Makino, there were also lectures given by history-changing pioneers in various fields which were well received by the audience.


Main lecture contents

  • Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer:“The other Steve” who founded the giant company talked about "Stimulating innovation."
  • Joichi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab: "What future IT should be."
  • Hideo Nomo, former major-league pitcher: The mentality for global competition

Other lecturers

  • Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services Director and Chief Evangelist
  • Uichiro Niwa, former Japanese Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, former President and CEO of Itochu Corporation, Visiting Professor of Waseda University
  • Ken Kutaragi, former Chairman and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., Senior Technology Advisor (and former Deputy Executive President and COO) of Sony Corporation, and President and CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment, Inc.
    and others.

In the keynote lecture at the opening of COMPANY Forum 2014, CEO Masayuki Makino announced our new product "AI WORKS".

Mr. Makino talked about the strong determination and thoughts behind the new product, saying "AI WORKS is a next-generation ERP system unlike any ever before that thoroughly pursues improved response and convenience. Through AI WORKS, Works Applications wants to free everyone who works at a company from routine work so that they can focus on more creative and valuable work."

After the lecture, a demonstration of the new product was performed, and there was a lot of praise from the attendees.

  • I was impressed by the processing speed, which is the most important factor in work. (Manager in the Human Resources Dept. at a food manufacturer)
  • The concept of introducing consumer-product technology and usability into enterprise software is wonderful! Operability and visibility are very good. (Department manager in the Business Planning Dept. at a securities company)
  • I was amazed at the response. (Leader in the Finance Dept. of a retailer)
  • The positioning of our company's IT department cannot be described as high, and their role is also limited. We are keenly aware that we need to change completely including the entire management department in order to be able to make proposals with added value. (Department manager in the Information Systems Dept. of a manufacturer.)
  • I feel it's an epoch-making product. If it can be deployed well, it will probably become very popular. (Manager in the communications industry)
  • It thoroughly includes the user viewpoint and I think it's wonderful. I want to use it. (Leader in Human Resources Dept. in the service industry)
  • Wonderful! AI WORKS goes beyond the normal concept of ERP. I've used products from other companies, but AI WORKS is the first ERP that made me think "I want to try it." (Department manager in the Finance and Accounting Dept. in the construction industry)

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