Works Applications Begins Sales of Enterprise Messenger Application "LAKEEL Messenger"

Enterprise messaging application transforms communication from "person-to-person" to "person-to-enterprise".

TOKYO – November 26, 2014 – Works Applications, Japan’s largest ERP software provider, today announced they will begin sales of LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS, an enterprise messenger application developed by Legend Applications, Inc.

The number of enterprise users utilizing messaging applications has increased to more than three billion people, as a result of the ease and convenience that messenger applications can bring. Many free instant messenger applications are used as an important communication tool in business situations.  Unfortunately, the use of free instant messenger applications can present businesses with numerous risks, including security problems such as spam, phishing scams, and virus infections, as well as administrative problems, such as leakage of confidential information, due to the lack of an administrator.  In hopes of circumventing these risks, there have been demands for a safe and worry-free enterprise-caliber messaging application.


LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS is an enterprise-ready messenger application designed and developed for use in business situations that includes comprehensive security and administrative functions, without sacrificing the ease of use and convenience of instant messenger apps. LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS has already been introduced and processed by more than 10,000 large-scale users and has proven capable of hosting overseas messages. 

Featured functions of LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS (partial list) include:

Organization administration functions - LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS allows for organizational level administration through the integration with COMPANY ERP software.  The integration of the products enables even large enterprise to rapidly handle organizational restructuring or personnel transfers.

Presence notification function - When a counterpart starts their computer and logs in, notification of their presence is performed.

Multi-language compatibility - LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS is compatible with three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Group chat function - Multiple people can chat together on LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS.  Furthermore, a log of the chat is automatically taken and can be sent to the participants as meeting minutes.

Log and full-text search - Sent and received messages can be searched instantaneously based on sender, recipient, date, time or message content.  There is also the ability to verify whether or not a conversation can cause compliance problems.

Policy and usage status administration - LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS users have the ability to perform a variety of services, such as enabling and disabling emails, attachments, and specific words.  One’s login status is recognized from the administration screen.

Robust security - Enterprise databases within LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS are separated at the OS level so that, even in the event of an accident, there is no chance that an outsider will see the conversations occurring within your business. All communication contents are encrypted, and furthermore, access source IP addresses are restricted, preventing unauthorized access from outside.

Cloud model introduction - LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS is designed to be of little trouble to IT departments and for immediate use.  In addition, full administration of server monitoring and security maintenance administration can be requested.

LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS achieves the easy communication that is the inherent appeal of instant messengers while maintaining high-level security measures and administration functions.  In the midst of hectic times, LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS makes it possible to instantaneously convey business information in a more reliable way than email or telephone calls.

Between counterparts in the field and headquarters, or even for counterparts who are far apart such as between Japan and overseas countries, communication can be performed in real time as if right next to each other. Works Application aims to introduce this software to 100 companies in 2015, centered on major corporations.

LaKeel Messenger by WORKS APPLICATIONS will, in the future, contribute to the revolution of work styles as a new foundation of enterprise communications by improving productivity, speeding up business activities, strengthening internal and external communications, and improving personal work environments.

About Works Applications

Works Applications was founded in 1996. Its ERP software package system, COMPANY is used by more than 7,000 organizations to support their core businesses. Works Applications holds nearly 35 percent market share in Japan, the largest of any ERP provider in that market. The company serves customers in all major industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation; customers include 1,000 of the largest Japanese brand name companies and subsidiaries. Works Applications employs 3,000+ people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chennai. 

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