Works Applications Introduces AI WORKS, A Next-Generation, User Friendly ERP System for Global Businesses

Versatile, cloud-based solution offers consumer-friendly user interface, significantly increased speed, artificial intelligence capabilities, support for mobile devices, and a focus on enterprise applications.

TOKYO – October 7, 2014 – Works Applications, Japan’s largest ERP software provider, is pleased to announce the successful introduction of its newest product, AI WORKS, at its COMPANY Forum 2014, held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.  Sales and customer delivery of the new offering are planned to begin in 2015.

AI WORKS is a versatile, cloud-based solution that provides an unprecedented consumer-friendly user interface, significantly increased speed, artificial intelligence capabilities, support for mobile devices, and a focus on enterprise applications. Works Applications is also working on implementing new collaborative technologies within AI WORKS which will improve communication and workflow.

Many ERP package solutions can be difficult for users to learn and integrate throughout the organization, while also being expensive and cumbersome to customize to their specific business needs.

In contrast, AI WORKS is a solution that offers highly convenient, easy-to-use functionality that performs like many consumer applications, enabling lower system costs (no need for customization, no on-premise server storage, etc.), greater responsiveness and ease of use, and more efficient use of employee time previously spent on activities such as data entry.

Typical consumer applications, such as smartphones, search engines, and SNS, continue to amaze and excite people with overwhelming speed and convenience. Compared to this, the evolution of enterprise applications such as ERP is slow, meaning users in the field must input massive amounts of data by hand; operability is sometimes said to be 10 to 20 years behind consumer applications.

AI WORKS, by comparison, has been designed for speed, convenience, and ease of use to dramatically increase worker productivity. "AI WORKS", in order to provide unprecedented speed and usability previously unseen in enterprise applications, utilizes the following technologies:

  • Departure from relational databases and utilization of distributed technology: Works Applications broke away from the traditional relational database (RDB) to incorporate distributed databases and distributed processing, allowing for increased speed and convenience 
  • "Cloud-native" instead of "on-premise" - a movement to the cloud allows for maximum flexibility when linking people to other people and information resources, as well as information resources to other information resources. This offers even greater business efficiency and resource maximization.

AI WORKS has been crafted by Works Applications to break away from the traditional ERP model and act as more of a personal assistant.  Much as a talented personal assistant does, AI WORKS is able to make inferences from the past actions of the user and then immediately provide the desired information, to communicate with surrounding people, and to respond flexibly to demands.

About Works Applications

Works Applications was founded in 1996. Its ERP software package system, COMPANY is used by more than 1,000 large group companies to support their core businesses. Works Applications holds nearly 35 percent market share in Japan, the largest of any ERP provider in that market. The company serves customers in all major industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation; customers include 1,000 of the largest Japanese brand name companies and subsidiaries. Works Applications employs 3,000+ people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chennai. 

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