Start of new career employment program "Global Express" English skills that will prevail in business and earning overseas career paths

~ Plan to employ 600 people by the end of June 2015 ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce that recruitment for "Global Express" as a new career employment program was started in late August 2014. WAP is planning on career employment of 600 people by the end of June 2015 through our independent career employment programs centered on "Global Express" as well as "IT Express" (*1) and "MBA Program" (*2).

Acquiring talented personnel to become a world's top class enterprise

WAP, as a growth strategy aiming for global top class, in our activities for breaking into and securing overseas markets hired more than half of our new graduate employees in FY 2014 from overseas as part of our commitment to globalization of our organization. Also, with the announcement of new products in October of this year, it is expected that demand from companies in Japan and overseas will expand further, and we are planning to increase our overseas bases and strengthen our personnel employment.

This time, as part of our recruitment activities, we have started the "Global Express" program to recruit talented personnel within Japan who can be active globally.

"Global Express", a career employment program that enables acquiring an overseas career path

"Global Express" is an employment program aimed at early career changers and other persons seeking to change jobs that enables the acquisition of an overseas career path. In this program, the new employees are assigned to work in Singapore for the first 3 months after joining the company, and while there, forge English skills that can prevail in business and problem-solving skills.

In the first half of the program, they attend a local language school where they intensively learn English skills while at the same time also taking a program to nurture their problem-solving skills, such as business problem-solving thinking skills, proposal-making skills, etc. In the second half of the program, while continuing more specialized language studies, they will be divided into an R & D Engineering Course where they will perform work from system planning to implementation or a Planning Proposal Sales Course where they will perform work from negotiations with local businesses or seminar planning to execution, to accumulate practical work experience with our company's global employees.

In the 2 weeks since the start of "Global Express" recruitment, the program has started well with a total of approximately 2,000 applicants desiring a career path to overseas, and currently many applications continue to arrive. Through our company's "Global Express", as part of our contributions to society we will strive to create employment opportunities while working to cultivate global personnel who can prevail all over the world.

About "Global Express"

Comments from the "Global Express" planner (Third-year employee Kensuke Suzuki)

"Even though they have no experience when they're employed, they are sent overseas for about 3 months to take a program for mastering business English and practical work, and all costs of taking the program are borne by WAP. Plus, their salary is also paid during that period." When people hear only that, it sounds like a very extravagant program, and in many cases they are surprised and ask "Is there any meaning to going so far?"

However, in Japan the comment "If only they could speak English they could be active all over the world." is said of many people, and for them language is a barrier that prevents them from fully exhibiting the skills they actually have. This kind of situation as companies promote globalization is a major loss to both the person involved and also to society.

In order to offer what our corporate philosophy states, "Providing exciting opportunities for Critical Workers", it is natural for our company to offer such a program, and we feel its value is sufficient.

"Global Express" application requirements

After joining the company, employees will attend a special program.

Application requirements
Targets for recruitment: Graduate from university or higher (regardless of major or department); Age: 35 or younger. * Early career changers are welcome.

Program outline
Period: Approximately 3 months
Content: Language classes and practical work experience; All costs are borne by our company. Salary is paid during the period.Location: Singapore

First half of program
Morning: Attendance of special classes prepared by a local language school for our company. English will be studied intensively.
Afternoon: Attendance of a program for nurturing "problem-solving skills" that can prevail in all occupation and in all regions. Attendees will not only acquire business knowledge, but will also learn thinking skills and proposal skills to solve all kinds of problems that may occur in actual work in order to be already able to be active with competitive skills immediately after being assigned to a post.

Second half of program: Courses are divided according to choice and aptitude.
R & D Engineering Course: Using the English that was learned in the language classes, participants will experience from the planning of our company's products to system implementation. Graduates from India Institutes of Technology or universities in Singapore which are said to be the world's top-level universities gather together and while interacting with our company's most elite global employees learn the latest development skills at the technology R & D laboratory.

Planning Proposal Sales Course: Using the English that was learned in the language classes, participants will learn sales skills that will prevail all over the world by performing negotiations with local businesses or seminar planning to execution.

* In the second half of the program, specialized language studies will continue for both courses.

About our company's other original human resources employment programs

"IT Express" for learning problem-solving skills that can create 1 from 0 (*1)

An employment program for new employees with no IT experience for 6 months after joining the company, this program is conducted to cultivate top engineers who can use the world's latest technologies. Participants learn not only IT technology but also train in skills for business planning itself and skills for solving unknown problems, or in other words the intention is to raise the level of problem-solving skills. This is a proven program that has produced many personnel responsible for the core of our company.

"MBA Program" for learning the essence of an MBA and aiming for top sales (*2)

An employment program in which participants can attend special MBA courses conducted by current professors at Globis, Japan's largest business school. With the intention of learning skills that form the base of consulting sales for major corporations, which is said to require the equivalent of at least 3 years of experience, this program is a special program which condenses the essence of an MBA which normally takes about 2 years to acquire into approximately 2 and a half months.

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