Hiroshima University Selects Works Applications to Migrate Its Personnel and Labor System to the Cloud, a First for A National University

Initiative will allow Hiroshima University to focus on its core business and achieve increased efficiencies.

TOKYO – April 1, 2014 - Works Applications, Japan’s largest ERP software provider, today announced it has started to offer its ERP software, COMPANY on Cloud Managed Service (CCMS), an Amazon Web Service (AWS) operation service, to National University Corporation Hiroshima University. Hiroshima University will be the first national university to migrate their personnel and labor system to the cloud.

Hiroshima University has been using COMPANY HCM & Payroll since 2004 and COMPANY Attendance Management from Works Applications since 2009. Works Applications and its ERP software suite offers strong specialization and expertise about the employment and HR industries from its work with private-sector companies. By deploying COMPANY, Hiroshima University is able to achieve increased work efficiency.

Aiming to improve employee performance through enhancement of IT environment

With industry factors such as incorporation and deregulation surrounding Japanese national universities, the environment has changed significantly over the past decade. At Hiroshima University, in order to fulfill its universal mission as an institution of higher education in an ever-changing society, the university periodically updates its long-term vision. As part of this vision, they are constructing an IT environment where employees can demonstrate high performance.

Adoption of CCMS enables consistent problem-solving from infrastructure to applications

Hiroshima University decided to adopt CCMS in which the infrastructure construction and operation of AWS, which is being used by more and more enterprises, is consigned to Works Applications. In the adoption of CCMS, the following 3 points were evaluated particularly highly:

1.)    Since operation and maintenance of infrastructure and applications can be consigned consistently to WAP, in the event of a failure the problem can be solved quickly regardless of the location of the cause.

2.)   Disaster management and information security, availability, safety, and confidentiality, can be achieved easily and at a low cost. In addition the infrastructure can scale at any time to continually maintain the optimum infrastructure environment.

3.)   Unplanned expenses related to information systems (costs of equipment such as air conditioners, etc., workloads involved in periodic server upgrades, etc.) can be reduced.

CCMS enables the labor that had been involved in infrastructure operation to be shifted to core work

By employing CCMS, not only can Hiroshima University take advantage of the high level of disaster measures and security measures of AWS, since it is no longer necessary to operate infrastructure by themselves, they can focus on their core work. Through COMPANY and CCMS, Works Applications will continue to provide consistent problem resolution from infrastructure to applications, and improve the IT return on investment for educational institutions as well.


"CCMS" service configuration diagram
Since it is a virtual private cloud that is isolated network-wise from other users, it achieves high security at the same level as intranets. In addition, since it is also possible to connect to AWS through the SINET network connecting universities, research institutions, etc. all over Japan, it can be used with confidence by people at the universities and research institutions.

About Works Applications

Works Applications was founded in 1996. Its ERP software package system, COMPANY is used by more than 7,000 organizations to support their core businesses. Works Applications holds nearly 35 percent market share in Japan, the largest of any ERP provider in that market. The company serves customers in all major industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation; customers include 1,000 of the largest Japanese brand name companies and subsidiaries. Works Applications employs 3,000+ people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chennai. 

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