City of Kobe Choose Works Applications' COMPANY HCM and Payroll to Centralize Personnel Information

TOKYO – December 2, 2013 - Works Applications, Japan’s largest ERP software provider, today announced it has received an order for COMPANY HCM & Payroll" from Kobe.

Kobe is a city with a population of approximately 1.54 million people and 15,000 city employees. The existing human resources and payroll system was originally built on general-purpose equipment, but repeated system modifications had made it increasingly complicated and there were cases of office work being performed manually because the system could not manage it efficiently. 

In addition, since employee information was being managed separately by each manager, there were problems such as not being able to compile statistics on all employees.

The intention of this system upgrade was to centralize the employee information held by each manager, including the employees of the Mayor's Office, Board of Education Secretariat, Fire Department, Water Department, Transportation Department, and affiliated organizations as well as employees with different employment types, such as tenured short-day employees, re-appointed employees, substitute teachers, etc.

To achieve this, the Group Company Management Function of Works Applications ERP software COMPANY is utilized, and centralization of databases to enable getting statistics on all employees is performed. In addition, it becomes possible to handle the conflicting demands of centralization and individualized handling, such as handling of the separate payroll systems of each manager or limiting viewing of information that should be managed individually. 

COMPANY is an ERP software package that includes the work functions considered necessary by all kinds of industries and business categories as standard functions. Since it can also handle the various employment and work arrangements of local self-governing bodies by just setting parameters, there is no need for individual customization or add-on development, and it becomes possible for all departments and offices to perform management using a common system. 

In addition, even when changes are necessary to adhere to to legal revisions or system modifications, those modifications can be handled through free version upgrades or self-maintenance simply by changing parameters. This prevents the system from becoming complicated and prevents the over-reliance on specific personnel.                                                                                         

The 3 product concepts of COMPANY:

  • No customization. COMPANY is based on the concept of "Encompassing all functions considered necessary for human resources and payroll work by major corporations regardless of industry and business category as standard functions from the start.” Works Applications offers a software package with abundant standard functions and there is no need for additional development for each user. The customer can achieve their work requirements through parameter settings, and it becomes possible to reduce the amount of time required for system introduction.
  • Free-of-charge version upgrades. Changes in external environments such as revisions to laws or regulations, changes in internal environments such as system changes, and changes in infrastructure or architecture can all be handled through multiple version upgrades each year. The functions of the latest version of the COMPANY package are always available. As times change, the latest needs and trends are taken into consideration to ensure that the functions are eternally comprehensive.
  • Guarantee maintenance service. With the policy of "Work must never be stopped," Works Applications offer maintenance support with no additional charges regardless of the cause of the trouble. In addition, since future environment changes are also handled through the fixed-price maintenance fees, so there will never be additional charges for that, long-term maintenance and operation costs are clear. 

About Works Applications

Works Applications was founded in 1996. Its ERP software package system, COMPANY is used by more than 7,000 organizations to support their core businesses. Works Applications holds nearly 35 percent market share in Japan, the largest of any ERP provider in that market. The company serves customers in all major industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation; customers include 1,000 of the largest Japanese brand name companies and subsidiaries. Works Applications employs 3,000+ people worldwide, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Chennai. 

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