Works Applications hired 339 new employees in 2013, the highest number in their history.

~ Recruiting talented personnel from all over the world to trigger new innovations ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "WAP") is pleased to announce that we welcomed a total of 339 new employees to the company in 2013, the highest number in our history.

For graduate recruitment in 2013, we strengthened our recruitment from overseas, and recruited numerous talented personnel from China and India. A welcoming ceremony was held today, April 1, at our headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo), where Masayuki Makino, our Executive Director and CEO, sent a message of encouragement to the new employees.

Recruiting talented personnel from the world's top-class universities

WAP, in order to further raise the level of our company's technical skills and in order to leap to the position of Japan's No.1 software technology company started overseas recruitment of talented engineers in 2010. Last year, we took up the challenge of new initiatives, such as a 200-person-scale internship program conducted in China, programming contests in India, etc.

As a result, we have hired 75 new employees from overseas, including graduates from Beijing University and Tsinghua University, top educational institutions in China, and India's top-class educational organizations centered on the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) system. From this year we will also start recruitment in Singapore, further strengthening our recruitment throughout the world.

Facing the 11th year of internships
First attempt at exchange between overseas and Japanese students also carried out

Today, April 1, a welcome ceremony for incoming employees was held in our headquarters (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and the students selected from among the approximately 40,000 applicants for WAP internships every year to be offered a pass to join the company(*) based on their excellent results also participated in the ceremony. These internships are now facing their 11th year, and have become the sole flow for recruitment to Japan for our company.

Also, from last year as a new initiative, we have started programs in Shanghai and the US where Japanese students interact with local students while performing their internship. This year we will strive to further enhance and diversify the curriculum.

* Students who provided excellent results do not receive a job offer, but are issued a pass to join the company as rights enabling them to join the company at any time within a several-year period following their graduation.

The greedy growth of Japan was carried on the back of human resources
Message from WAP Executive Director and CEO Masayuki Makino (excerpt)


At WAP, we the founders operate our business with the strong intention of contributing to society even now. In contributing to society, it is very encouraging to see all of you who were considered to be excellent and were recruited, and now join our company.

There are 3 things that I want to tell you.

1. Those of you who stood out from among the tens of thousands of applications are precious human resources which will become the strength of our company. Thank you for choosing WAP from among many companies.

2. Whether or not you grow in the next 10 years, great differences will be produced. You cannot rely on skills alone. I want you to try your best with strong intentions that cannot be crushed and a greed for growth.

3. Japan continues to be in gradual stagnation. I hope that all of you apply the power to grow, and become useful to the world in some way.
Toward human resources that can inspire people in many ways and carry Japan forward.

I want you to not do things for the company but to focus on your own individual growth to become in 10 years human resources who can determine everything for themselves by their own power. I look forward to working with all of you after you complete the half year of training.

Masayuki Makino

Executive Director and CEO

Works Applications Co., Ltd.

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