Misawa Homes will construct a core system in the cloud. Will employ Amazon Web Services as the base of "COMPANY HR Series"

~ Will employ "CCMS", the new service from Works Applications and winner of the AWS Partner Award (Enterprise Division) in the latter half of 2012 ~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce that we have started providing our "COMPANY on Cloud Managed Service" (hereinafter CCMS) * to Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Nobuo Takenaka; hereinafter, "Misawa Homes").

(*) Press release on September 13, 2012

Works applications started cloud operation service on Amazon Web Services.

Currently rolling out "COMPANY HR Series" to the group as a unified human resources information system for the group's 41 companies.

Misawa Homes has been using "COMPANY HR Series" since 2002. This time, they have determined that "COMPANY" should be used as the unified human resources information platform for the more than 10,000 employees at the 41 companies in the Misawa Homes Group, and are gradually rolling it out to the companies with a goal of being completed by October 2014.

When Amazon Web Service (AWS) is adopted, they will employ WAP's new cloud operation service "CCMS".

When rolling out "COMPANY" to the group, since gradual expansion of the system infrastructure would be necessary, Misawa Homes investigated the utilization of AWS as an infrastructure platform having high flexibility.

WAP, who develops, sells, and supports "COMPANY", started "CCMS", a system which performs the COMPANY operating environment construction and system operation on AWS, in September 2012, and Misawa Homes employed this service.

By using the cloud as infrastructure, costs involved in expanding the server were reduced, and by utilizing "CCMS" which is packed with WAP's AWS research knowhow, it provided a comprehensive test environment during rolling out to the group and had the result of making project progress easy.

Supporting outsourcing of system operation and making the Systems Department a strategic department

By employing "CCMS" which constructs and operates the infrastructure using AWS, there is no burden on the customer's own company for infrastructure operation such as server management, etc., enabling them to concentrate on only work operation.

In this way, the Information Systems Department becomes a strategic department that can focus on visualization of sales and contributing to work process improvement.

Through "CCMS", WAP can provide single comprehensive problem-solving from infrastructure to application, thus contributing to further increasing the IT return on investment of customers.

WAP received an AWS Partner award in the second half of 2012

Received "Enterprise Division" award

This time, WAP received the 2012 second-half AWS Partner Award: Enterprise Division from Amazon Data Service Japan Co., Ltd.

Outline of Partner Award

"AWS Partner Awards" are awards presented in various divisions such as enterprise applications, high-performance computing, industry challenges, etc. to partner companies who have been very highly evaluated for cases in fields where it was considered difficult to do on the cloud, advanced cases, etc.

第4フェーズにおけるワークスアプリケーションズの体制についてWinning project title

Case of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. use of "COMPANY on Cloud Managed Service (CCMS)", a cloud operation service utilizing AWS

* This is the first example of the adoption of CCMS.

Reason for award: Employing AWS for the core system infrastructure of a major corporation

Revamping the core system platform of Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. to AWS and making major contributions to increasing the IT return on investment and increasing the satisfaction of the customer received high evaluations and this award is thereby presented.

WAP, who develops, sells, and supports the "COMPANY" ERP package for major corporations, started "CCMS", which provides a one-stop service from the construction of a "COMPANY" operating environment on AWS to system operation. By doing so, it becomes possible to smoothly perform system construction from infrastructure to applications, and this will promote the utilization of ERP on AWS.

WAP's cloud initiatives and future expansion

WAP's company philosophy is "Raising the IT return on investment (ROI) of Japanese enterprises to world class level." Through the no-customization ERP package "COMPANY", we have contributed to increasing the ROI of applications, but we were forced to rely on outside hardware vendors for the infrastructure that forms the base, a situation which prevented the pursuit of cost optimization. In order to solve that problem and to offer customers a comprehensive solution from infrastructure to applications, we utilized the AWS knowhow which we had cultivated and started the new service CCMS.

In the future, we ourselves will make full use of the new technology of the cloud, and offer reductions in total cost including infrastructure. By expanding the use of CCMS, we can perform cost optimization integrating applications and infrastructure, increase the ROI of Japanese corporations, and in the end contribute to improving the competitiveness of corporations.

*Amazon Web Services and the Amazon Web Services logo are the trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or affiliated companies.

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