Toho Adopts COMPANY for its human affairs salary employment system

~Aiming to realize the appropriate labor management and utilization of strategic human affairs information by operation integration~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  has received an order for COMPANY HCM & Payroll, COMPANY Web Service, and COMPANY Attendance Management from Toho Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshishige Shimatani; hereinafter “Toho”). We would like to announce that all systems are scheduled to be in consecutively put into operation this fall.

System Renovation for Integration of Human Affairs/Salary and Employment Operation

Toho is an excellent, time-honored company established in 1932 and has been a pillar in the movie, theatrical performance, and real estate management businesses, with the catch phrase,  “Hospitality of Dreams and Inspiration.”

With the renewal of the human affair salary system server, Toho considered renovating the system in order to integrate the human affairs salary system and employment system which had previously used separate packages, and promoting efficiency of the operation.

The new system has not only achieved operations range that matches the existing system, but is also highly valued for covering the peripheral system prepared by Excel, etc., as a standard function.

COMPANY covers a wide range of functions, from human affairs salary to labor management, as standard functions

After comparing and considering several packages, Toho decided to adopt COMPANY, with its abundant standard functions and large number of customers in the human affairs salary field, as a system which can provide a sense of security as well as maintenance support.

The package can centrally manage not only human affairs and salary related operations, but also operations regarding dormitories and company residence management (*1) and loans (*2) which are managed by Excel, etc., and various departments such as theatrical performances and advertisement, and complex employment management needed for various employment styles such as full-time employees, part-time employees, and temporary staff, by a package standard function, and can conclude human affair salaries and employment operations in the same series.

Realizing efficiency by the integration of operations, and aiming for the utilization of Strategic Human Affairs Information

At this time, Toho promotes paper reduction throughout the entire company by achieving integration of operations by system improvements and by providing detailed information on salaries and bonuses and various applications on its website.

In the future, we will seek the strategic utilization of human affairs information based on this integrated information.

As part of its Guarantee Maintenance Service, WAP provides not only system maintenance but also maintenance support by utilizing its accumulated know-how in human affairs salary related projects as well as in the maintenance phase.

*1  Dormitory / Mandatory Residence Management
In addition to the series of operations from company residence rent fee calculation to salary deduction, property management (room specifications, understanding of the status of vacancies, etc.), rent fee management (contract information such as deposit money), ledger preparation for tax reports (real estate payment records) are covered as standard functions.

*2  Loan
Including interest equivalents and capital equivalents, calculations on occasional changes (amount increase, extra repayment, full repayment at retirement, change of interest rates, etc.), and even preparation of a repayment plan are covered as standard functions.

■  Product Diagram of  COMPANY HCM & Payroll, COMPANY Web Service, and COMPANY Attendance Management

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