Works Applications starts its free “infrastructure health checkup” service

~ Using performance analysis, tuning to a cost simulation in the case of use of a cloud environment is carried out in order to provide the optimal system environment~

Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  is pleased to announce the provision of its free consultation service “System Infrastructure Assessment Service” (hereinafter “SISE”), targeted client companies which have installed or use the core operation package software, COMPANY.

Cost has been minimized by providing a comprehensively optimal system environment, from package to infrastructure

WAP has set “the improvement in IT Return on Investment (ROI) by Japanese companies, and contribution to society,” as its policy, and provides the ERP package COMPANY to major companies. In response to recent requests from many user companies, WAP has worked to improve, not only the package region, but also integration of ROI, including its related infrastructure environment.

At this time, provision of SISE, a free service for user companies under the theme of “system health checkup,” has begun. SISE carries out consultation for the optimization of an integrated system environment, by analyzing current system operation conditions from both application and platform. Seeking maximization of operation stability and minimization of cost, WAP provides a system environment which can be even further utilized in company management. 

Main Services by SISE

Analysis of server operation status Our original operation status collection tool is used and operation status of the hardware and middleware during a specific time period is surveyed.
Operation status of each server is visualized, and traffic variation elements and the excess and deficiency of the server resource are analyzed. 
Proposals for optimization based on the analysis results The optimal tuning value of the middleware is calculated based on the operation status, and server resource optimization is proposed
Hardware specifications are re-defined based on the operation status, and optimization of the server configuration is proposed.
Cloud simulation Cost, flexibility, and operation burden for each public cloud, private cloud, on-premises (virtual environment)/ on-premises (physical environment) are compared and the optimal infrastructure use pattern for each client is proposed.
The optimal operation hours are calculated according to the operation status of the customers and cost simulation in the case of use of a cloud environment is proposed


Ahead of other products, this service targets clients who use the HR series product, and advanced provision has been proceeded since February 2012, with the goal of provision to 100 companies during 2012. In the future, WAP will continue to support infrastructure optimization of more client companies by developing other fields, such as the AC series, EC series, and SCM series.

Example of Service Implementation

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■ Analysis of server operation status

■ Our observation of tuning specifications.

■ Cloud cost simulation

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