Nihon Unisys and Works Applications to collaborate in human resources and accounting system field

~ The ERP package "COMPANY" series will start being offered on "U-Cloud IaaS (ICT hosting service)" to expand sales ~

Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-Ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Shigeru Kurokawa; hereinafter "Nihon Unisys") and Works Applications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Makino; hereinafter “WAP”)  have started collaboration to expand the sales of the ERP package "COMPANY" by offering the "COMPANY" series on "U-Cloud", the cloud service of Nihon Unisys.

WAP's "COMPANY" series is package system that has an exhaustive range of functions to cover the requirements demanded by major corporations in all kinds of industries and business categories, and can be introduced without customization. In addition, changes to internal and external environments such as law revisions, system changes, infrastructure changes, etc. are handled by free-of-charge version upgrades, so that the latest functions can be offered eternally at no additional cost. Thanks to these features, in FY 2010 it achieved the #1 position for domestic Japan ERP sales to major corporations (*1), and in the human resources and payroll area it boasts results of an actual share of more than 50% (*2).

In addition, Nihon Unisys has support power that has performed construction, introduction and operation support, and contract development support of ERP systems in the human resources and accounting field for more than 20 years, work consulting power for the human resources and accounting field BPR offered by their group company Cambridge Technology Partners, Ltd., and abundant experience in the cloud computing business for corporations. Furthermore, they have adopted the "COMPANY" series as their own company's new human resources system, which started operation in August.

Taking advantage of the strengths of both companies, Nihon Unisys has started selling the "COMPANY" series to its major users in all kinds of business categories such as manufacturing, distribution, finance, services, public utilities, local governments, etc. In addition, Nihon Unisys offers "U-Cloud IaaS (ICT hosting service)" as the cloud platform for WAP's "COMPANY" series, and WAP has started selling "U-Cloud for COMPANY". In this way, through the collaboration of Nihon Unisys and WAP in the sales of each other's products and services, the expansion into new markets for the "COMPANY" series and the expansion into new markets for "U-Cloud IaaS (ICT hosting service" is progressing.
An outline of this collaboration is shown below.

1 Sales of "COMPANY" series to major users of Nihon Unisys
Nihon Unisys has concluded a sales company distributor contract for the sales of "COMPANY" series. They have started selling the "COMPANY" series to major users in all business categories for human resources and accounting work areas.

2 Sales of "U-Cloud for COMPANY" to users of WAP
WAP has started collaboration with Nihon Unisys on sales of "U-Cloud IaaS (ICT hosting service)".  WAP is offering "U-Cloud for COMPANY" to users in all business categories as a combination of the "COMPANY" series and the cloud platform.

In this way, by offering to users the rich functionality of "COMPANY" which can be introduced without customization on the robust cloud platform of "U-Cloud for COMPANY", the IT introduction and operation burden of users is reduced and they can apply themselves to work at an early stage and focus on their strategic core work.

Nihon Unisys is aiming for sales of 5 billion yen over the next 3 years for "COMPANY" series, "U-Cloud for COMPANY", and related services.

(*1) Market share trends (packaged software market) for number of companies sold to.
Source: Software business new markets, 2011 edition, Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

(*2) 2010 license sales share (end user delivery price basis) for human resources and payroll solutions sold to major enterprises (annual sales of more than 100 billion yen)

Source: ERP market results and prospects 2010 - 2011, Yano Research Institute Ltd.

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